Aaaaaaaaand – that’s the pond finally finished off:


My scale babies new home got the last finishing touches today.  Yay!

The pond was finished a little while ago, but it had been planned since last summer.  It’s a half-raised pond (majority is below the ground), as it was less work.


We had all the wood for the supporting frame, the new liner was paid for by a bingo win, and the cement needed was paid for from a different bingo win, so all in all it ended up free.  😀

We had loads of broken slabs, and quite a few bricks, so those got used for the wall.  The little “pier” was made using off cuts of planks we had laying about.  It’s there as my “pump cleaning station”. Half of it folds over on itself, so I can lift the net and remove the pump for cleaning.

Of course two of my beautiful girlies cam to cause havock help showing off the finished pond:










6 thoughts on “Aaaaaaaaand – that’s the pond finally finished off:

    • They’re awesome together – best of friends. Boo (my youngest JR) thinks that Ms Monkey-pie is her baby, and Ms Monkey-pie thinks she’s a dog. 😀

      It’s so funny if one of the dogs thinks they hear something outside, and will race out to investigate – my female kitty will run outside with them, as she’s a “guard dog” too. 😀

      • lol! I had a dog years ago with my ex gf, he was a german shephard / black lab / wolf / boarder colie cross, in his case he had a habit of curling up with the 6 cats that we had in the house and he thought he was a cat 😛 sigh lol

      • Awwwwww – bless! It really is fab when they get along.

        I just wish my tomcat would get along with…. eh… anyone! If he got along with my female cat that would be a miracle in itself, I don’t think he will ever get along with the dogs, which is a shame, as the dogs (especially my eldest) absolutely adores him.

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