Meet the gang:


In the order they were born, here’s the gang:



Peter is the smallest, but he’s also the sweetest!  He’s got the prettiest pink little nose, and him and his brother loves having their tummy tickled.  😀




Ooooo – this one’s gonna be touble!  She’s clearly the brains of the gang, first one to drink by herself, and the only one that’s starting to eat.  She will come running, whilst meowing her tiny little head off as soon as she sees you, and then depserately trying to climb up the legs until you pick her up.




She’s absolutely stunning… the prettiest of them all, and she clearly knows it already, as she loves to pose.  And I love how one of her front legs are whie, with a sassy tabby stripe on it.




She loves to play – whether her brothers and sisters wants to or not.  As she grows I think she will be so beautiful, as she’s got the sweetest round head.




He’s got Ms Monkey-pies long legs, and he loves to hop about.  Tummy tickles are a big hit, and here he’s getting one from his mummy.



16 thoughts on “Meet the gang:

    • My two dogs loves the cats too much. Ms Monkey-pie isn’t bothered… if one of the dogs tries to stick their arse in her face, she just gives them a swipe.

      My tomcat however hates the dogs with a passion. He will run like the wind each time one of them comes close, making the dogs even more excited. So the whole house has been cat-ified. 😀 With babygates, high places for my tomcat to sleep and eat, and generally avoid the dogs. The same goes for the garden, we always have to make sure there’s easily accessable places for my tomcat to quickly avoid the dogs.

      • aww… that’s so sweet you’re so lucky…I have two dogs which really doesn’t mind if I took home some cats (yeah I’m kinda person who loves to take home stray cats, sounds a lil crazy I know) Though they love to annoy the cats they will not hurt them at all.

        But my mom’s dog is such a bully he even gets into a fight with my 2 dogs and each and every time I took home a cat he would immediately run after it and kill it and will never stop til he knows that the cat is still breathing… He’s really irritating… Thant’s why I stopped taking home cats… It’s better to see them on the streets rather than being killed by my mom’s dog.

    • 😀 I know – aren’t they just? 😀

      Tiny little kittens are well cute, but to me it’s much more fun as they’re growing up, and you get to see what sort of kitties they become.

      Plan was to keep Peter, and I still desperately want Peter, he will be a wonderful, loving cuddle boy. But Alya has chosen us. She’s gonna be a crazy wee monkey!

      If I had a big house, with a big garden, all 5 would stay. 😀 I just might be able to sway the other half towards two staying… but at the moment I putting more energy into trying to wean them onto food. So far only Alya is showing interest in food (she loves it!), the other’s just want their milk. I need them weaned off asap, so their mummy can be spayed. Mummy hates that I am feeding them milk (again, in the hope hers can dry out) and will try to drink it all, so there’s none for the babies… and of course the babies loved walking in all the milk – so there’s little goatsmilk paw prints all over. 😀

      • I hope you’re able to sway your other half towards two. If I were closer and you’d approve me, I’d take Peter in a heartbeat. He sounds just like our lover-boy Presto, and is the exact personality I want for my future feline family member. Presto chose us and was an integral and important part of our family for 17 years while my girls were growing up.

        Good luck with weaning and cleaning up paw prints! 🙂

      • Awwww – I do hope little Peter will get a wonderful and long life like your Presto did. 🙂

        I should by now be looking to find them homes (apart from one… or two!), but I’m still feeling so terrible, it’s simply not something I’m ready to do.

        If I for any reason feel one would be better off with us, although we’ll be over-crowded (and stretched on finances), they will stay instead. But I should still be starting to put the feelers out. These little babies are for life, not just “oh what a cute kitten… oh my goodness it’s turned into a furniture shredding machine – out with the cat” kind of kitties. 😀

  1. Thank you very much for the follow! These adorable ones are quite irresistable…I used to have cats when I grew up, but then my husband couldn’t stand them…since he’d had one who peed in all his books…so – we have dogs instead. Miss the cats sometimes, but now I can enjoy yours!

    • 😀 With me it’s more of a chance of the dogs peeing on books than the cats. 😀

      Both my canine girls will tinkle when they get too excited. I actually find it sweet – imagine being so happy that you cannot control your bladder… now that’s gotta be maximum happiness! 😀

    • Plenty of kitten snuggles! 😀

      But somehow over night they’ve also managed to turn into little monsters – hahahahah. They sound like a herd of elephants running about, they’ve all learnt how to climb (funiture and legs)… and still only one will eat. Grrrrrr! But they are so amazing… all now come running as soon as they see us – all climb onto the laps to get attention. So incredibly sweet.

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