The lady’s getting wet. ;)


Finally… my poor water feature that’s been sitting idle for years has been installed.  Got her for a steal at Dobbies, as one of her boobs had gotten a dent.  😀

However, a hammer sorted that, and now she’s finally been installed.  Plan was always to use her for one of the ponds, but she’s simply too big, and would dominate even the big pond the fish are now in.

So, a big hole for a container was dug, mesh put on top, and then covered with gravel and stones… and finally my lovely lady’s getting wet.  😀


She sits on a small patch between the two sheds, and we get to see her sitting on our oh so yellow chairs.  And as you can see – solar lights has been stuck in to light up Chesterfield Avenue at night.  Can’t wait to see them on for the first time tonight.


That little fence seperating the path and the stones around the water feature was a major pain in the arse.  Grrrrrrr!  It’s cheap fencing from the pound store, but it was a hideous green… 5 hours and two layers on both sides, and it’s finally white(-ish).

Ignore the fact that it’s all wonky, I don’t care, but I’m sure my other half will be straightening it out at some point this evening… as he does care.  😀

And beacuse I’m an idiot that doesn’t learn… I intent to by a whole shed load of them, paint them and use them as borders between the lawn and the path all over.


And I got the two little hanging baskets I wanted for the new shed!  Uber-cute!  Again from the pound store, so an absolute bargain.




7 thoughts on “The lady’s getting wet. ;)

  1. Gorgeous Cathy! Now she can stay cool and clean all day long. 😆 She is beautiful! Love the hanging baskets. 😀

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