In the pink?


Nope, def not “in the pink” at the moment, but, although today is worse than yesterday, it’s certainly so much better than Tuesday!  😀

Apart from my headaches having gone from bad headaches to migraine intensity, Tuesday I found myself puking… and realised I’d wasted a lot of time wanting to puke (in the hope I would feel better), as it did bugger all for taking the queasiness away.  And just to make sure it’s kicking me while I’m down, my body has now decided to bless me with eye floaters.  Just what I wanted – big swimming black spots in my right eye.  *sigh*  I thought they’d be temp, but the wee bugger’s been there for a week now, and it’s really annoing me, so I keep wearing a hat pulled halfway over my right eye.  Sexy.

But – the good news is I got my ECHO coming up next week.  Yay!  Only problem is that doesn’t actually fix anything, but hopefully the scan will take me down the right path to be fixed.  😀



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17 thoughts on “In the pink?

    • Cheers! I’m quite excited about my scan (I’m a bit sad like that… seeing my ovaries on screen once was like the highlight of that year!) – I wonder if I can get a printout? Hmmmm… considering people get it for the babies, I can’t see why it would be a problem (oh I’m sure there will be objections, but surely it would be possible to print it)… I’d frame it! 😀 😀 😀

  1. Lovely photo’s and love the colours! Sorry to hear about the migraines. I just hate them. Wishing you well. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥

  2. Really, really cheesed off.

    Doc told me the scan was to be at the local hospital… it’s 10 min drive away, always plenty of parking, and easy to find the different departments.

    However, the other half asked me to re-check the letter to make sure I had the right time (I only checked the time and date, never bothered to read the rest)… and it’s NOT at my local hospital. Aaaaaaaargh!

    No, it’s at the big hospital in the city… which means we have to leave well over an hour before the appointment, try to find parking (that cost a bomb there!) and then go through the bloody headache of finding the department.

    The whole day will now be gone due to this. Bloody bastards.

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