Neighbour of the Year award goes to:


That dude that used to live on the corner!!!

Yes, my Neighbour of the Year award would have to go to the guy (and his family… pretty certain he had a wife and a nipper or two) who used to live on the corner of the street.  A dude I didn’t even know the name of.  😀

And here’s the reasons why he wasn’t just nominated – but won hands down:

  • He never talked to me
  • He never talked to anyone about me
  • We were on friendly “nodding” terms, if we happened to see eachother from a distance
  • His kid(s) never invaded our front garden
  • He never had loud parties in his garden
  • He didn’t have friends honk their horns outside his house
  • He gave me an amazing shed!
  • He moved away

Ok, so you might ask why I’m happy he moved?  I’m not, but I would prefer not to have any neighbours at all, so not living here anymore is clearly a plus in my book.  🙂

I really don’t know the guy’s name… he lived there for a year or two.  He wasn’t a next door neighbour, he lived 4 houses down (by the way, my next door neighbours are fantastic, although I do feel the pressure to “small talk” with them).  I’m pretty certain he had a wife or girlfriend, as sometimes I’d see a woman there, and sometimes a nipper or two (heck – it could have been 7 for all I know… however many it was – they were no hassle).  We’d nod to eachother if we spotted each other, kind of a “good to see you, and very pleased we don’t have the need to talk” nod.

And then he decided to move.  I would have been none the wiser, unless whomever will move in is gonna be of the chatty type.  I would have kept on nodding, and probably thinking something like “hmmmm… didn’t he use to have dark hair?”.  But, as he was to move, he told one of the neighbours he was gonna scrap his sheds… and this particular neighbour told another neighbour, who in turn came knocking at our door and asked if we wanted a shed!

Yes – please!!!  As some of you know… I’ve wanted a new shed for a wee while.

There was only one “small” problem… the shed we were given was a 12foot by 16foot shed!  Sadly I can barely carry a plank, let alone help dismantle massive walls… so the other half and a neighbour dismanted not just our massive shed, but also a smaller one that went to the neighbour.


And this is what we ended up with:


We had no need for a shed the size it used to be, so then it was measuring and planning to do… and we found the ideal size would be a 7foot by 8foot shed, as it fits in nicely next to our other shed, and gave us plenty of room for all the gardening stuff (lawnmovers, rakes, spades, etc).

It took some cutting, swearing and quite a bit of time… but suddenly we had a shed the size we wanted (try to ignore the giant Aerobin that’s taking up a bit of the pic):


Aaaaaaand – this is the finished shed – just put up the fascias today:


(Ignore the two plastic trays in the bottom left corner of the pic… they will be moved soon, as soon as the next project starts.) All that’s needed now is a couple of small hanging baskets (and I want an oldfashioned door handle).  😀

All in all the shed ended up costing us £58… and that was for the roof felt, tar, and the paint (black and brown that I mix to get it to what I want)… everything else needed we had.  Perfection is way over-rated:  What we have, we make do with – and although the results aren’t “perfect”, they’re just right for us.  And yes, that included picking an ugly fabric flower off an equally ugly hairband, and sticking it onto my watering can for a wee bit of colour.  Suddenly the fabric flower as gone from something ugly, to something that brings a smile on my face.  😀


And, as a bonus – we had plenty of wood left, so we also built a small “shack” for the bins… and one neighbour took one of the 8foot by 8foot walls we had spare to fix his daughters shed, and another neighour got three 4foot by 8foot plywood boards that were spare as a new roof for his shed… so this one shed, didn’t just end up as two “sheds” in our garden, but also helped out two other sheds!


Sorry, paint still wet on one of the doors, as only got it up last night.  It’s not pretty, but it’s functional and hides the ugly rubbish bins.  I’ve ordered fake (!!!) ivy to stick on the roof, don’t want real ones, as the roof is a massive hit with the cats, but figured I could use some fake, as I can then place it so that it won’t be in the way of the kitties enjoying their new look-out tower.


My other half did an amazing job.  He really did.  I was as useless as chocolate teapot, so he had to do all the hard work himself, I was just helping making sure all measuring was correct.  It wasn’t until it was finished that I could help, took me three days, but I managed to get it painted (something that should have just taken a few hours), and cut out the fascias.  So all the glory goes to the other half, but I’m still just as proud as if I’d done it myself!  😀


7 thoughts on “Neighbour of the Year award goes to:

    • 😀 Neighbours here really are great… if anything’s going, the word quickly spreads, and most are willing to help eachother out (although there’s one of two families that I think most of us on the street would be happy to see move away).

      I dread the day when my two next door neighbours won’t be here anymore though… one’s turning 80 next week, and the other is closing in on it too. Luckily they’re both healthy and fit (much healthier than me that’s less than half their age!), and I hope they’ll be around for a long time to come. 🙂

  1. You did a fabulous job of recycling an old shed into what looks like a cute little cottage. I can so relate to your story. I often cross the street or turn back round the other way to avoid a conversation, although my hubby has to know and chat with the whole dang neighborhood.
    Thanks for the visits and likes : )

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