How cute can you get?


And I think the two sisters shown above answers that nicely – so incredibly cute it’s probably illegal!  😉

The little babies are now three weeks old, and are now running loose…  well… running and running, more like trying to run and looking like Bambi on ice.  😀

They’ve just started playing, and tumble about on their still unsteady legs.  Loads of chasing tails, a little bit of “biting” and some grooming of eachother.


The three tabby ones having playtime.

Mummy’s now more interested in going outside and stalk birdies than being with her babies, but she’s a great little mummy, but I think the babies are starting to bore her a little.  I’ve already started syringe (too little for be weaned off with a bowl yet) feeding them, as the quicker mummy’s milk can dry up, the quicker she can be spayed.  Next week I will try with a shallow bowl at some point, and I know there will be milk-y tiny little pawprints everywhere.  🙂


Good mummy, but not to keen on spending all her time with the little ones – and not blaming her, weather is alright, and the sky’s full of birdies.


I’m so looking forward to the next few weeks, and really wish I was feeling better… but then again, it takes no energy for me to lay on the floor being pounced on by these little cuties.


The above little boy with the cute pink nose, I would like to stay with us… he’s got mummy’s white paws, and daddy’s stripes (ok – so my tomcat isn’t the daddy, but although he didn’t help make them, I still count him as the daddy), and the little pink nose that my feline girl that passed had.  😀




6 thoughts on “How cute can you get?

  1. I know! 😀 😀 😀 And this is when the fun starts… soon they’ll be racing about, and getting up to all sorts of naughtiness, and I’ll love every second of it.

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