Would you miss $1?

If you suddenly lost a dollar – would your life change?

If it wouldn’t, then I got a suggestion – donate a dollar to Rarasaur and her hubby Grayson Queen.  It won’t make a difference to you, but it might make a heck of a difference to them.

One dollar… if 18000 people did that, then their life would stay as stable as life currently is for them.  As stable as it currently is for these two people who’s stuck together in what seems like a tubulent time.  As stable as it currently is for their cats.  Your life won’t change – but it will help them keeping their life just as it is… as if it doesn’t happen their family will be ripped apart.


I don’t know their story, all I know is what I’ve quickly scanned through, it doesn’t matter to me… doesn’t matter is she’s guilty or innocent.  They seem like decent people.  It matters to me that I can help stopping this little family being torn apart.  That matters to me.  And if 17999 other’s can join me, then together we’ve all helped keeping the family together.

I won’t miss my dollar.  Not at all.  It would just have been used on some junk I don’t need.  And I think it’s much better off being used to keep a family together.

If you won’t miss a dollar, take a second to read their posts, there’s an easy option to donate.  Or spend your dollar on some junk… it won’t matter to me.  But it will matter to these two and their kitties whether you do.





2 thoughts on “Would you miss $1?

    • Thank you Meg, now if 17998 other’s can do the same – Rara will be back with her family. 😀 She went to the police earlier, and is currently in custody.

      I really don’t get the whole prison/jail thing. I conststantly keep having this conversation with my other half each time a “white collar” criminal gets jailed.

      Here in the UK it cost over £40000 to keep a person in jail per year. It also cost close to £70000 to actually get them into jail. So for the first year, it cost the tax payers £110000 for each prisoner! And a lot of the people in there aren’t there beacuse they are a threat to the wellbeing of the public. *sigh*

      So, not only will these prisoners cost a bomb, nor will they contribute to society whilst in there. My suggestion would be that anyone who HASN’T purposely hurt, killed, threatened or raped anyone (this includes adults, children and animals) – should instead be forced to work out their sentence (however long that might be) for the same amount of money as the unemployed get to survive on. They would get to stay with their families. They wouldn’t be paying taxes, but they would be contributing towards National Isurance, and everyhing they bought with their measly “wages” would of course also contribute in taxes. And of course they would also get the opportunity to get a part-time job on top of the 40 hours per week they would be requiered to work as their sentence.

      This would also save the local authorities a bomb… as instead of hiring people, they could get to use the “work off your sentence” workers. Hospital cleaners, public toilet attendants, lollipop people, the hated parking attendants, public park gardeners, etc, etc, etc = all these criminals that pose no threat.

      So – that’s a saving not only in keeping them out of prisons, but also a massive saving on things they would normally hire people to do… but most of all, it would stop many families breaking up.

      Good people sometimes do bad things. The real problem is the bad people, those who will occasionally do good things… but they always get back to bad.

      Prisons shouldn’t be a “rehibilitation” place… let all the “petty” criminals stay with their familes, save a bomb, and go back to the old ways. The murderers, torturers, rapists – they don’t deserve to ever walk about amongst the good people (who sometimes does bad things). Lock them up! No more of this bullshit filling prisons with gyms and playstations, and recreational groups. Let prisons be what they once used to be – a place for punishment. A place where they can stew in their own nastyness. Give them food, keep them alive, but don’t give them any luxuries. They have purposely done horrible things, don’t reward them with gym equipment others cannot afford, schooling many cannot afford, fun times like fucking craft sessions…

      Anyways, this is a subject that really irks me… as I’m sure you can see. Hahahaha. I do hope Rara will be able to join her hubby and their two kitties again. As I said, I don’t care if she’s guilty or not. She seems decent. She’s always been full of life and fun, and I would love for her to be back where she belongs… which isn’t locked up somewhere.

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