So far – not much…


Of colour in the garden that is.  There’s only a few things flowering, and the one shown above isn’t even mine!  But as it’s coming through the wall between our garden and the neighbours, I count it as in “my” garden anyway.  😀

I love these flowers, they come early, before much else starts to bloom, and the poke through the wall, hang over the wall, and has even started to climb up one of the trees.  Something this pretty – I say the more the merrier.


Then there’s the above pictured fruit tree.  Not much colour, but pretty flowers.  Don’t ask me which fruit.  Planted the tree 3 years ago, and so far no fruits, to the point we’ve forgotten what sort of tree it is.  Hahahaha.  But hopefully we’ll solve the mystery this year.


Still a few confused daffodils… the rest has died off weeks ago, but there’s a bunch of these still going strong.


We got these in a few places in the garden, but so far only one spot has started to bloom.


I got no idea what sort of bush this is, but the pretty lilac flowers are a massive hit with the bumblebees.


Here’s another one that’s spread from the neighbour, but these have now taken root with us too.


And of course my “extensive” knowledge of flowers doesn’t even go as far as telling if this is flowers or leaves.  😀

But who cares – this bush is gorgeous.  The poor thing was here when we got the house, planted in an ugly green plastic pot.  You can just about spot it in this pic taken over 4 years ago… so we kept the poor thing in it’s ugly pot for 7 years, and only planted it this year.  It’s next to the new pond, and I’m hoping it will spread nicely, as it really is so pretty.


8 thoughts on “So far – not much…

  1. you are sorrounded by those beautiful flowers… I envy you..
    for the lilac one.., it is Azalea.., I just posted about it this morning

  2. We steal the fruit from the neighbor’s trees that grow over our walls, so you can totally count their flowers, too. Really pretty flowers/leaves. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous!! I’ve never been happier to see a spring 😉

    The lavender flowered bush is an Azalea bush. They come in all sorts of amazing colors, and Humming Birds love them! The flower under that is, I believe, a periwinkle. We have them in our yard. The previous owners planted them, and they spread like crazy! So pretty, though!

    • Humming Birds!!! Oh how I’d love it if there was humming birds around, they’re the most beautiful (and slightly bizarre) birds ever.

      Yes that periwinkle, or whatever it is, is perfect for me – I cannot kill it. Hahahaha. Sadly I lack green fingers, so anything that’s un-killable and looks beautiful is my favourite plant. 😀 We actually removed some of them, as they would be hidden behind our new shed, and planted them on the other side of the garden instead.

  4. Good morning. You are so lucky to have such lovely flowers around you. Snow and cold temps still haning around here. Now that is something to crap (carp) about! 😦

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