Spring is when the neighbour’s garden starts looking beautiful… and I start feeling mine’s inadequate.  😉


My handsome boy showing off the neighbour’s garden.  Posted for this the weekly photo challenge:  Spring – http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/spring-2/



16 thoughts on “Spring!

    • Beacuse I refused to go into the neighbours garden and smack his butt!

      It sounds too bizarre too be true, but yes, he’s a little perv, and love having his bum smacked. He kept sticking it up in the air, but I won’t be spanking him in the neighbours garden. Hahahahah. Bad enough people see me do it in our garden.

      • Whaaat? Your cat is a perv? Oh my dear… Thank you for this too-hilarious-to-be-true explanation 😀 This surely takes the crazy cat lady label to a new level…

      • Luckily he’s not the only perverted cat out there (I’d be really worried!)… search “spanking the cat” on youtube and you’ll see a whole heap of these feline perverts. 😀

        Inside he likes to stick his head in a corner and poke his butt up in the air whilst making some “meh” sounds. Outside, he’ll do it anywhere. And we have to obey, otherwise he will take revenge on us for not doing what we’re told!

      • Always when I think I know everything about cats, I learn a new thing, like this weird taste in spanking! Tell your cat that it’s indecent exposure in the public 😉

    • Thank you – he is a stunner, even with his grumpy face on. 😀 At the moment, he’s got his “life’s good” face, as we had roast chicken for dinner, so both humans and the four legged ones are stuffed on chicken.

  1. Great shot and love the sentiment. I’ve given up feeling inadequate… I just pretend I’m visiting the house if anyone walks by my front yard and I’m out there. Oh, and my step son’s cat is that kind of perv too. Go figure!

    • Hahahahah – oh I love the idea of pretending to be a visitor! My front garden’s not too bad, but I think I’ll use that excuse if someone sees me doing some “feline bum smacking”. Hahahaha. So bizarre that they not just love it, but will loudly as for it.

      (Sorry – I haven’t figured out how to follow your blog – generally if the wordpress follow option isn’t on people’s blog, a small “follow” will show next to people’s names on a notification – but I’ve followed you on twitter, so I can hop on over each time you post a link).

      My front garden isn’t too bad, there’s 18 houses on my street, and although mine isn’t the prettiest, it’s prettier than 16 other’s. Hahahaha. And then it’s the next door neighbour – his garden is amazing. Simply amazing. I was just chatting to him about it the other day when he popped his head over to check up on me, and he just laughed and said “but your garden is very nice”… I know – but it’s nowhere near as nice as his!!! But, as he said, it took him 50 years to get it that way. I don’t have the patience to fiddle with a garden for another 43 years. I think I’ll settle for inadequate. 😀

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