I love this idea…


The above that is – an armchair as a guest bed!!!  Yes, I’ve seen the cheap folding square block futon ones before… but I have never seen one like this before.  I have to say it’s blooming genius.  😀

I got two spare bedrooms, in one I have a fantastic leather sofa bed, which I got at an unbelieveable steal, as the shop was getting rid of that colour… I got it for less than a quarter of the full price.  OK, so I managed to get stuck in the room whilst trying to stick it in there myself… but I was prepared and had both fags and a phone on me.  Hahahaha.  Called the other half, and he came home to push the sofa (oh my goodness it’s so heavy) in and free me from my temp “jail cell”.

I have no need for the two spare rooms to be bedrooms as such, as they wouldn’t be used if they were bedrooms, what I need is usable rooms that can be used as bedrooms when needed.  The room with out beautiful leather sofa bed, is used as our “talk in peace and quiet room”.  It’s where we’ll go without the dogs if there’s something we want to sit an discuss without the distraction of television of pets jumping all over us.

My other spare bedroom is my painting room.  I paint on the floor.  Always paint on the floor.  But sadly there’s not much floor space.  It’s a small room, one I would classify as a “box room”, which was advertised as a “single bedroom”, and which the surveyor we had to have in when changing mortgage providers managed to classify as a “double bedroom” (sure, you can get a double bed in, but you wouldn’t be able to open the door!!!).

The problem is the blooming bed that’s in there.  I actually like the bed, it’s just about the sturdiest bed ever made, bought 7 years ago second hand for a small penny, and I painted it black, as I wasn’t keen on the “orange pine” (you know when what was once lovely blond pine starts looking like an orange?).  The matress we bought a couple of years ago, as we got a superb deal on memory foam matresses… so it’s a comfy, sturdy bed, which I quite like the look of.


But… as you can see – the bed takes up just about the whole room…  leaving me with just a tiny little space on the floor in front of it to paint on.  Alright, so I’m not the biggest person there is – but I got a LOT of paint!  Which I like spreading all over the place.  😀


(I love my wee dresser, it was a project… and it’s packed with papers, paints and brushes… only thing that’s not in it is my acrylic paint, which is in a huge pail in the wardrobe behind the door – too much of it to fit in the dresser)

So… there’s competition where you can win an item from Furniture Choice – and that’s where I spotted the fab armchair.  I have to admit venturing on there to find a footstool, as that’s something the other half wants – bugger him!  I want the chance to win an uber cool armchair bed that would take up half the space the bed I currently got does.  Do I need it – absolutely not.  Do I want it – oh yes.  😀

So, if you’re in the UK and want to enter – hurry up (I’m so late, but today’s not been too good, will hopefully post about it later) – as it ends TODAY!  Hop on over to Furniture Choice to read more about it.


5 thoughts on “I love this idea…

    • I’m a great believer of making the most of what you got, getting stuff for free, or spending as little as possible. Hahahaha!

      The bed was dirt cheap, all it needed was a lick of paint. The matress was a cheap as chips, even brand new. The bedside table was given to me when I bought a big white dresser once. The small black chair was gonna be skipped, so I nabbed it, it was so tatty, in a few shades of brown. Black paint for the frame work, and black fabric paint fixed it up nicely. 😀

      But the wee dresser is my fave… it was a tall dressing table, with the mirror on the back… a freebie from my neighbour. Legs and mirror cut off, router used to make fake drawers, cheap handles spraypainted black and a lick of paint, and suddenly I had the cutest little dresser.

      • I hate it when people say they cannot afford to decorate – of course they can afford it, they just cannot be bothered to search out freebies or bargains. 😀

        There are things I’ve had to save up for… our sofa for example. I could have gotten plenty for free, but it wouldn’t be the one I wanted… so saved up for a few months until we could afford the one we wanted. Our bed is the same… and I was so set on this bed – but we got it in the end (and it wasn’t expensive, but money was tight)… and I still love it seven years on! 😀

      • That’s so true about people who don’t have the patience to take a few minutes to search, then they complain about the cost. Figures huh!

        You definitely have a lot of patience to find the best deal 🙂

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