Alright.  I’ve just about given up…  have been updating my youtube playlist (up to a massive 30 songs in 7 months – hahahaha)… and there’s a song that’s not there.

Not there or anywhere!  I cannot find this bugger of a song anywhere.  Only thing I can find about it is a blog link from 2006, where there once upon a time used to be a download link, which has dissappeared into the big nothingness.

Does anyone know of where I can get my greedy little claws on “(Streets of) Oblivion” by a band that might, or might not, have existed at some point, called “Love Deniers”.

I heard the song once, on a tape recorder in a dingy basement, and I’m now completely stuck on my “amazing” playlist, as I need this song.



I got it!!!  I got the song!!!  A massive thank you goes to the amazing MFT3F on twitter – thank you so, so much!!!  And I still like it.  😀


16 thoughts on “Help!!!

  1. Did some googling as well and can’t find anything. Seems they’ve disappeared. Try searching for Michael Krohn and Bitten Forsudd on Youtube. I see Michael does have a lot of vids. Maybe there’s something there. Hope you find. 😀

    • Good morning! (up bright-eyed and bushy tailed for another doc appointment)

      Yes, I’ve tried (but thanks so much for helping!). Can’t find anything at all, apart from this blog place and Norwegian forum where someone else was trying to figure out who sang it.

      I’m still not certain if Love Deniers were ever formed, or they were just praticing, and decided not to go for it. A few places say “shortlived”, but others just hint at the group ever existing.

      *sigh* 20 year on and this song still sometimes pop into my head. 😀 I might have to enroll the other half to do some facebook digging for me.

  2. I had to join in and search. One of the main chaps is on facebook – Michael Krohn…(not sure if him or someone else running it for him…all in Norwegian!) but perhaps you could facebook him!? 🙂

    • Thank you for helping! Yes, I know someone’s running it for him, and am considering getting the other half to send a message (I only have facebook accounts when needed for work, so currently not got one. Detest Facebook with a passion), but currently other half is a little frantic. 😀 He’s now gotten to the point he’s got the blooming neighbours to check up on me. My neighbours are great, but I don’t appreciate them poking their head over the fence to ask if I’m ok, and telling me to “take it easy”. 😀 I’m doing nothing BUT taking it easy. Body is useless, and so’s the mind due to the headaches, so most of the time I feel like a bloody ornament.

      But I’m determined to get a copy of this song though… sure it might be rubbish, but if it is, I’ll still be satisfied. 😀

    • Thank you! But sadly nothing there, apart from a link the abandoned blog. 😀

      As I’ve said, it might be complete and utter rubbish… but I know I liked it at 17, and although my music taste has expanded, what I liked then I still like now. The tape it was on also introduced me to Pogo Pops, but luckily finding their music is no problem. 😀

      Jennifer Peach:
      Man inside my head:

      However, I have heard Pogo Pops songs many times since I was 17, but sadly I’ve only heard “Oblivion” once. 😦

      • I’ve got a friend who does amazing music searches, specializing in the odd and the one off – I email him the details, if it can be found he will find it and if he can’t I wouldn’t know where to look.

        He owes me more than one or two favors for the firewalls and shields I built for him as some of the sites he travels through tend to have nastiest of bugs attached that like to set up home on your comp but nothing gets through my codes.

        Other than that I can’t think of anyone else who may know how to track it.

      • Awww – that would be awesome! I still got facebook “up my sleeve”… but sadly it’s the other halfs sleeve, and he’s being a wee bit of a wet blanket at the moment, just sits and blooming stares at me like I’m gonna drop dead in front of him. Hahahaha!

        I tried contacting the blog that once posted about it, but haven’t heard anything back.

      • Yey – social media strikes another blow for the dissemination of information 😀 glad you got your song as I was about to give up of my friend finding it.

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