That’s just f#©king great


Kind of feel like this is more suitable as a Wordless Wednesday post, as I feel the pic says it all.  😀

However, this is posted in response to “Letters”… I always find it amusing that people sometimes replace a few letters in a swearword with symbols.  Pictured is one of my fave t-shirts.  Quote from a film that’s not a fave, although it was entertaining enough.  But I love this t-shirt.  Love it, love it, love it.


Posted for “Letters” – this weeks photo challenge:


Also – if you can be bothered to read the whole post, I’ve just set up a new twitter account… it’s lonely there.  I need some people to follow!  Let me know where you are on twitter, and I’ll give you a follow (or give me a heads-up on twitter) Cheers.

15 thoughts on “That’s just f#©king great

  1. I’m @pagankittyrules on Twitter. There used to be a Pagan Kitty… I co-opted her Twitter account. It’s a long story. 🙂 Love the t-shirt!

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    • 😀 That’s the easy part – twitter treats everyone like a 5 year old that’s never used a computer before, and has the easiest sign up processs ever – as it will guide you step by step (only one step that’s a little cheeky – they want you to invite everyone in your e-mail contacts, and the “Skip” button is nearly invisible). 😀 😀 😀

      • It’s great for keeping up with news (as search there is so easy – and you will get updates way before things are plastered all over the telly)… you don’t even need to follow accounts, just do a search if there’s something you’re interested in (I was glued to twitter when a little boy went missing a few hours from here… body later found and the mother charged!).

        No lenghty posts, all posts capped at 140 characters. 😀

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