Free online courses (worldwide)

Free online courses from universities!  <— Click to visit Future Learn

Open to participants worldwide, and they got a nice wee selection of courses, albeit some might not be of too much interest to everyone (Dental Photography in Practice!).

All courses free, with some giving you the option to purchase a “Statement of Participation” (think certificate), but you don’t have to purchase it, just gives you the choice if you want to.


And a big thank you to Finisterre:

Here’s another place that does free courses online!  <—-  Click to visit Coursera

Loads of different courses – am sure there will be something that will tempt you.  Again, there’s the option of a paid for certificate at the end of some of them, but that’s optional… all courses are free.


10 thoughts on “Free online courses (worldwide)

  1. How exciting! I will definitely look into this…always wanting to learn something new. And I am sure dental photography is just what I need! 😉 Seriously though, some interesting stuff…thanks for the share! 🙂 x

    • I think it’s pretty cool of them to offer them online for free. I’ve signed up for a few later this year, there’s one I wouldn’t mind coming up soon, but don’t wanna chance signing up to something at the moment (laptop makes the headaches worse). And I think the other half signed up for one starting in May. 😀

      • Yep, and it says the estimate on how many hours per week, so should be easy to find out if they can fit in too. 🙂

        I heard of it from someone who took “Teaching Computing: Part 1”, and she was well pleased, and have already signed up for “Teaching Computing: Part 2”.

        You should sign up for “Kitchen Chemistry” – hahahahaha! Then you can make exploding vulcanoes instead of yummy cakes. 😀 (Already started, people can sign up for the first forthnight after a course starts, and play a little catch-up).

  2. There is Coursera as well, all free and taught by major American universities. Education is always worthwhile. 🙂

      • You’re welcome. I’ve taken two courses from there so far. They are fairly intense, but not too long and you get to pick your level of participation. 🙂

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