And my other babies…

I love showing off my fourlegged kids, but sadly I don’t get too much of a chance of showing off my other babies – my 6 fish.

They’re pond fish, so it’s a little hard to get pics of them, especially with the pump running.  But today, I sat down (wearing 3 sets of PJs and a woolly hat – how sexy can you get?!?) in the garden and took some snaps before the pump was added. They’ve just moved into their new pond, 3 times bigger than the last one (this one is 3000l), and were absolutely loving it.  😀

I’ve had my eldest scale baby for a decade, and although she was the tinest little goldfish (feeder fish) ever, she already had colour, so she must have been a year old at that point.


The other 5 are her babies, and they’ll turn six this winter.  2 are trying to catch up to their mum in size (she’s the size of a guinea pig), and three are still fairly small (although of good size).


They’re a little bit of an odd bunch… the biggest orange(-y) baby only deveoped one gill, the white one’s dissappeared before she/he was a year old, and one of the little orange ones is slightly deformed with a wonky downwards pointing mouth (very cute!).  That said, they’re fesity, funny, and loving fish.  In the summer months they come like puppies when they get fed, and like to play with ping-pong balls floating in the water.  In winter they don’t do much, just move around slowly.


I don’t have the same sort of relationship with my fish as the rest of the kiddos, but love them to bits.



17 thoughts on “And my other babies…

    • Sturdy net! Or you could fork out on one of the special floating protector thingy-bobs, but a stury net will do the trick.

      We got a net on ours, and although both the dogs and cats will push the net down to drink, it keeps everyone else away. 😀

      I’ve always wanted koi too, I got a massive crush on the ghost koi – they’re amazing!

      But I wouldn’t want to mix them (although you can), as the koi can be so greedy the goldfish end up without food. That said, Elizabeth (my biggest fish), could take on any koi. Hahahahaha. And what’s nice is she’ll grow even bigger now with her new pond (this is the third pond, due to them outgrowing them).

      • Wait wait the cats and dogs are drinking the pond water? I’ve kept aquarium fish but never pond fish, doesn’t it have treatment chemicals etc?

        Dang, was hoping to mix some red and some black and others 🙂

      • No chemicals, only water purifyer.

        A lot of cold water fish are super easy to keep. That said, I’ve had my share of headache and heartache when it comes to the fish. Elizabeth got ill a few years ago (septicemia) and no vets nearby would treat her… Ended up moving house early to get her to a new vet! Lost the daddy-fish last summer. 😦

        Kois come in all sorts of colours though… a few red and ghost koi would be fab! Ok… I’m biased when it comes to the ghost koi… I sooooo want a few.

      • mmm I’ll have to look into it because I really want to beautify my backyard as part of a renovation my in law and I are doing, I like the idea of fish that I can leave for a few hours and they’d still be happy to see me 🙂

        I had no idea there were vets for fish? 0.o

      • If you get koi, and a decent pump/filter then there’s basically no work involved apart from cleaning. (and you’d get to chuck in a lettuce head too – always wanted to do that, but don’t think the goldfish would be too impressed).

        Our new pond is a halfway raised one. The base was the old pond (not the one the fish were in, the one they used to be in before that). Put in poles around, making it wider, as well as much deeper. Attached boards to the poles to keep the liner in. Put in the underlay (had, so no expense), put in pond liner (new, but found a great deal on ebay and a bingo win paid for it), added purifier, and the fish were good to go. 😀

        Still a lot of work to do around it, and I mean a LOT. Just getting the large stones to go on the edges will take some doing, as we’ll need about 40 more than what we got. Then it will be the other bits and pieces to add later, shrubbery, etc. Playing around with the idea of a waterfall, but that means moving the olive tree that’s next to the pond. Hmmmmmm.

        Hopefully this pond will do them for quite a few years. If the pond is ever to be expanded, I would need a stronger filter and pump… and they cost a bomb.

      • Whaa!?!! wow so much better than aquarium fish! heck you couldn’t even put your hand in the tank without throwing the environment out of whack :-\

      • Hahahaha – no such problems with koi and goldfish.

        Apart from feeding (once a day in winter, 3 times a day in summer), all I got to do is to clean the filter (about once a month in winter, up to once a week in summer), and of course keep an eye to see if there’s any illness. And koi are supposed to be even sturdier than goldfish, so hopefully even less of a chance of any illness. Only downside is that no pesticide can be used nearby.

        I also got a waterlilly (got two, but one is now in the pond where they used to be), which has been re added. Had it for years with the fish, but last summer the water lilly went crazy and just covered the whole pond, so I removed it. Will be nice to see the fish swim between the flowers again (first bulb already showing).

        Mine are uber cute in summer, they recognise my foot steps and will all come to greet me for their feed. Anyone else approches the pond and there’s no reaction (and sometimes they will hide in their hut if they don’t know what or who it is).

      • I had no idea they were that smart! The cleaning routine seems so much more easier than a freshwater tank, with that one you need to clean the water once a week and filter once a month plus so much work ugh

        Water lilies multiply that quickly? Good cause I like those a lot 😀

  1. I just love these ‘other babies’ of yours Cathy. They are gorgeous and so colourful! As a matter of fact, I read this post yesterday but our adsl was so slow again that some of the photo’s didn’t even want to load properly and I bookmarked your post so I can come back and luckily today we have no problems with our lines. Great photo’s! I love the reflections in the water as well. 😀

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