5 little babies!

Still around.  😀  Although, no thanks to the docs.  Bloody useless (completely incompetent morons), and blood tests now has to be redone again next week, after seeing the doc again, a doc who hadn’t even been bothered to read my records.  What a waste of my energy (which I’m so lacking!) having to walk to the docs, and of the docs time, although if all patients are treated like me you might as well have a piglet oinking around in the docs office instead of the doctor, as I’d get the same help, but atleast the piglet would have put a smile on my face.  So, that’s yet another trip for more blood tests and yet another blood pressure to be done next week (they just did my fucking blood pressure last week!).

So, not online much, got awful headaches, and laptop screen (although brightness turned way down) isn’t helping.  I just about only go online to whack on free bingo hourly.  😀

But – I thought I’d post this:


Ms Monkey-pie made 5 little babies today!!!

They are absolutely wonderful, and I’m so glad they’re here safe and sound.  Monkey-pie was supposed to be spayed in winter, but after 2 failed attempts (once she was sent home, the second time the car refused to start), I got a feeling it wasn’t ment to happen yet…  and I think this was the reason – 5 amazing little babies.  2 just like their gorgeous mummy, and 3 just like their handsome daddy (my tomcat was spayed 10 years ago, but the other half took a picture of Ms Monkey-pie’s “boyfriend” as he was wooing her… sadly I didn’t get the chance as it was whilst I wasn’t able to move).

I still don’t know what sex they are, as I don’t want to upset Ms Monkey-pie by moving them away from her to check yet, but will have a looksie in the next couple of days.




2 thoughts on “5 little babies!

    • Thank you! They’re so gorgeous… I just wanna sit and cover them in kisses, but I’m trying my very best just to give them little pets now and then, as Ms Monkey-pie is being a wonderful little mama, and I don’t want to disrupt that.

      Come next week however I don’t think you’d be able to get one of them out of my hands. 😀 Tomorrow I’ll be checking sexes, so they can get names. 😀 I’ve spotted that one of them is a little boy, as he rolled over onto his back.

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