I have shamefully bet on the Grand National…

Yes, it’s not something I’m proud of… I have no love for horseracing.  I find it a brutal and unneccessary “sport”.

But, having never placed a bet in my life, and being able to withdraw £20 for free on one of the gambling sites I go to, I decided to try with £10.

The reason I’ve chose the Grand National is that online gambling sites are currently suckering in novices like me, by easily exlaining how to make a bet, and often with great deals (although all the deals are for new users, and I’m already signed up with all of them due to slots/casino/bingo).

So… £10 added to a bookmaker, I split it into four bets, £1.25 on each horse, but going for the “even match”… which truthfully although having read about it, I still go no idea what really means… although I think that means I win a little if the horse places in the top four.  Chosing this option takes each bet up to £2.50.  So, £10 spread over 4 horses.


I will not be wathing the race.  If one of the horses gets hurt, and chances are they will, I will be sobbing for hours.  However, I have learnt that placing a bet online isn’t as confusing as I envisioned, and this might be something I’ll consider for things like Snooker or Football.  😀

Hmmm… talking of confusing though, yesterday the other half asked me to take the custard out of the larder, no problem, I know what custard is.  But holding said custard, I asked “How do you want your hustard?”.  And spotting that I hadn’t actually said custard, but something made up instead, I quickly corrected myself and asked “Mustard, I mean.  How do you want you mustard?”  He then claimed there was no reason for him to want mustard, and I kept insiting whether he wanted it hot or cold.  *sigh*  In the end I got really annoyed, as he was the blooming idiot that had asked for it in the first place!  Eventually it dawned on me it wasn’t called mustard at all.  Doc seems to still be on for Monday (albeit if no worse it probably be Tuesday due to other half’s work).  Ack.

And here’s a pic of a sweet little pony, spared from any dangerous horseracing for entertainment.



6 thoughts on “I have shamefully bet on the Grand National…

  1. Well… I won a grand total of £4.69 (which is technically a loss over over a fiver), but as it was from free money, I don’t mind. 😀

    That should hopefully clear my £4+ in a couple of hours, and will give me a few spins on slots, or might do bingo for a change.

    • Well, I wasted my meager £4+ on slots. 😀

      However, I won another £7.50 where I withdrew my free £20 yesterday, but their limit is £20 to withdraw. Grrrr…. So played a little slots and now have £14 (and still can’t withdraw, but cannot see me winning more now), so I’ll let the other half play some slots with it – will keep him happy for a wee while. 😀

  2. What a sweet little pony indeed. You’ve captured him so well. 😀
    I don’t like to watch horse races either but used to play a lot when I still worked and also won a few races. Congrats on winning. 😀

  3. I never bet on anything that is directly dependent on one or two living organisms because of injuries, poor performance, etc. Instead, let’s say that I want to bet on a football game. I’ll wager on what the final score will be, or if the team will cover the spread, of what the total combined points is for the two teams. Something that’s just not directly related to the performance of the star individual.

    • Well I haven’t bet on any more, and won’t be betting on horses (or dogs for that matter), but slightly tempted to bet on the snooker.

      I’ve never bet on Football, but the Sun newspaper used to have a weekly comp a few years ago, where you had to predict a football score, and winner got £500 Wickes vouchers. Each week I bet the same score, knowing nothing of any of the teams, and eventually not only did I get the score right, I was picked as the winner! Was over the moon, as not only got loft insulation, but also flooring for loft too! That’s as far as my football betting has ever gone. 🙂

      Although done no betting, won £160 on slots. 🙂 Ordered cat food for £30, wasted £10 on slots, £50 added to bank account, which still leaves me with £70 to have some fun with.

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