Ack… it might be time to see the doc again

I know how proud people are of the NHS here in the UK, “free healthcare!”.  Well, as NI is paid, it’s not truly free. is it?

But anyway, I do love that the healthcare is the same for everyone (unless you go private), and everyone gets the same service.

My problem is the service…  I’m afraid I got nothing good to say about it.  When I had a pneumonia and was coughing blood, in such pain I had to sleep sitting up, I got advised to take paracetamol.  *sigh*  When I had problem in the nether regions the doctor said I had probably had a misscarriage, and when I said that was impossible she claimed I’d been sleeping around!

When I had suspected leukemia the doctor first refused to tell me what they were testing for, until I asked specifically if it was for leukemia, which he then reluctantly admitted.  I had to wait a week for the test results, and when they finally came back they were “inconclusive” (I hopped on a plane the next day, took tests in a different country and the doc there called me less than 24 hours later to assure me it wasn’t leukemia).

My last encounter with a doctor, when I had had an infection stemming from a tooth that had spread to the top of my mouth, being so painful I hadn’t slept for 3 days, and the doctor refused to give me antibiotics, and instead wanted to arrange for me to have councelling regarding my dentist fear.


So… I am not eager.  Not eager at all.  Nowever, I’m not getting better, and I seem to have developed dysphasia (or aphasia for the US English).  I’ve noticed that I’ve had problems with words for over month.  It’s not that I forget, I’m one of those that will normally say things like “that thingy-bob”…  but that I replace a perfectly normal word with a completely different one.

Other half has picked up on it many times (I don’t notice until he points it out).  My writing speed has gradually slowed down, and is just getting slower and slower, as I now have to consider how to spell things, something I haven’t needed since I first learnt to read and write.

So, mix that with the constant fevers, the lethargy and generally feeling unwell, and it equals something that makes me frightened (not for me, but for my other half).


So, I’ve given myself a deadline, not better by Monday morning, and I’ll go see the doc.  Ack.  Not that I think I’m gonna get any help there, but I will insist on a complete blood count.  I really wish there was private docs nearby, as if you ask for a CBC there, they will happily give it to you (with a hefty fee!).

I do of course hope the dysphasia is simply due to stress, and although stress is something I generally never suffer from, I am highly stressed about the fact that I’m currently comepletely useless.  😀

But, it could be something that’s developed from my tooth infection spreading, and if it is, then that’s not anything I can fix myself.



11 thoughts on “Ack… it might be time to see the doc again

  1. Good luck to you. This was a scary post and I hope you will fee better. With my wife back issues I spend a good amount of time with doctors and surgeons…They are some very bad and others slightly better.

    • Sorry to hear of your wife’s back issues. A bad back is simply awful (my mother has fibromyalgia).

      I really do hope things will improve before Monday. 😀 Not eager to go, I swore laste time I would only go ever again if I feared I was dying. So since then I’ve dealth with issues myself, from fractured wrist to heart attack (!!!), the little things like arthritis, carpal tunnell, various smaller infections.

      However, my tooth has been infected for three months, I’ve done three courses of antibiotics (last one Metronidazole 400mg 3 times per day), and each time it takes the infection away briefly before it returns. *sigh*

      I was trying to ignore the dysphasia, until my dyslexic other half pointed out I’d written “minutes” instead of “entries” on a note to him. Hahahahahah!

    • Problem is the docs here are shite! 😀

      I’m sure they’ve had their training, but they are way too overworked and underpaid. Both me and my other half originally hail from other countries (different from eachother), me from Scandinavia and him from North America, and the first thing a doc there will do is blood tests, check blood pressure, urnine tests, and listen to your chest. Here a doc has listen to my chest once – when I had a pneumonia. Blood test taken once, when I has suspected leukemia, and the only time I’ve done unrine tests was when they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my ovaries/uterus (and to be honest I think the only thing they tested for was if I was preggers).

      • 😀 Nope! But to their defence it was nothing “wrong” as such.

        I must have had 100 people looking up my hoohah… I was called an undulterer by one of the said doctors, one doctor refused to use plastic instruments, and was still in the stoneages, poking icy cold stuff up in me. They forgot the send me a letter for a hospital appointment, so I missed out on an op. They sent me to the wrong scan (external instead of internal… when I did eventually get the internal one it was actually great fun to see, as I got to see the screen with all my bits and bobs inside). When I did get my op (laparoscopy), they found nothing wrong, and finally I was offered a hysterectomy (which I by then had asked for for 2 years), I had to go to councelling first to make sure I really did not want any children. A week before my first councelling session I read in a paper about a lady who’d had one, and as they remove a lot of parts in there, the bladder then has to be stitched onto the inside – and her’s fell out due to dodgy stitches! As in, out of her body, and was hanging out where it shouldn’t. Knowing things were bound to get messed up I wasn’t gonna take the chance on it, and chose pain over the fear of having a bladder poking out!

        This however was over a decade ago… and now there’s quite a bit of information available online regarding it, even a name for it: Mittelschmerz.

        The pain has subdued over the years (I am no longer curled up on the floor in agony when ovulating), but I can still tell when it’s happening and which side it’s one. It’ still painful, but no longer agonising, and a few Paramol takes good care of it.

      • I know – no way was I gonna chose to possibly have that happen to me by choice. Appreantly it’s not that uncommon, as they even have a grade system for it depending on how far the bladder falls downwards!

        The poor woman I read about had grade 3, poking out where it shouldn’t.

        And this would have been exactly the sort of thing the docs wouldn’t have warned about. Considering I wasn’t in a life or death situation, I just wanted the pain gone, so I could function normally (I was working in a shop, and it was no fun to have to slide onto the floor and curl up in front of customers), and it would just have been a means to get rid of pain.

      • oy.. I always had the impression things were more modern and better over there in terms of medical system, but now all of a sudden I have more faith in the Canadian one, dang!

  2. Well. went to the doc… sort of. I tried to call them yesterday, and apperantly they were closed all day!

    So, called this morning instead, and only got appointment with nurse. Not that I mind, I wanted blood tests anyway. However, I also wanted my heart checked, which she refused to do. All she wanted was to take my temp and blood pressure (which was high)!!! I did however insist on a white blood cell count, which she then very reluctantly agreed on, and said “might as well do all the tests – will that satisfy you?”!!! Fucking bitch.

    So four vials filled, and have to pop by with “a cup of pee” tomorrow. Got appointment with actual doctor next Tuesday, so hopefully I’ll still be around for that one. 😉

    Appetite currently gone, not even chocolate is tempting me. 😦 Feeling constantly queasy, and the head aches are back. The headaches and queasiness is NOT good, I know this from previous, and the reason I wanted to have my heart checked.

  3. OH……I feel the same way.
    Kept telling doctors that autoimmune thyroid runs in my family, and they kept telling me all of my symptoms were in my head. It took 3 years to get the diagnosis of Graves hyperthyroidism. When a doctor finally did the right tests and found the problem, he said: “sorry it took so long to get this right.”
    Really? EGADS. I got the felling that they were going to wait until I died and solve the problem that way.
    I am currently having a problem with a nerve (because I apparently sat too much over the past 15 years….between my computer job and getting stuck for hours in traffic to and from work.
    Once again, I am being told that the pain is all in my head. Which is partially true, I guess….if you cut my head off, I wouldn’t feel the pain anymore.
    So I went to a Chinese guy who does acupressure…and (without me telling him anything) it took him about 15 minutes to find the source of the pain….and it was most definitely not in my head.
    He said that the problem with “Western” doctors is that they have forgotten how to use their hands to “feel” (they don’t have enough time to do that) and they rely to much on “pictures” (xrays) and other electronics. Some things the pictures cannot see…..
    I am currently looking for a good “kneeling chair,” so that I don’t have to stand the whole time I am working on the computer.

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