Happy Easter!

Yes, even I know it’s not Easter yet… not until… eh… later.  😀

But there’s a comp where you can win John Lewis vouchers.  I want them.  Not beacuse I’m a big John Lewis fan, I more of less fear the heart attacks I’ll have in John Lewis if I dare to look at the price tags.  Once I wandered around with a £25 gift certificate to John Lewis in my wallet (yes, I got a wallet, not a “purse”) for 2 years, popping in now and then only to flee in horror realising my £25 wouldn’t amount to a fraction of the price of a piece of clothing.  *sigh*

My gift certificate became tattered…  until I spotted that I could use it online.  Surely they’d have some tat on sale that they hadn’t been able to flog over the years… and I spotted that they have an arts and crafts department!!!  *dances*

My £25 was used in an instant, stocking up on various (and wonderful) stuff that I was so thrilled to get.  So, in the hope to add to my arts and crafts treasure chest, I’m entering an Easter Bake & Make competition:


Now… there’s been a few hickups.  Ok… maybe more than just a few, so I will go through the process of what not to do, if you plan to enter.


Do not get into a huge argument with your other half about the fact that a cross represents hope, and isn’t morbid.  No, no, no… it might be better to stick to lambs, chicks, eggs or butterflies.

Do not bake something, and then leave it for a few days before you finish it off.  This could result in what happened here… I made cupcakes 2 days ago, which clearly sapped me of all energy, like an energy sucking blackhole… so when I finally got around to finish, the other half had eaten all the cupcakes apart from 2.

Do not just go with the flow using whatever is available.  As I can’t walk to the stores yet, and I felt it a little unfair to ask the other half to drive to the shops just to get proper cocoa, and instead used the crappy ready mixed hot chocolate stuff for the rustic cross.  Which resulted in some sugary, way too sweet to eat hideousness… although I might… just might, have eaten some of it anyway.

Do not make icing for a whole bunch of cupcakes, if said cupcakes has already been eaten.  I got a blooming bowl full of it.

Do not start taking pictures at 6am, whilst it’s still dark.  However it helps to munch the remaining cupcake that you’re not trying to photograph.  Instead wait, as you’ll end up with much better pics than mine.  😀



So, if you’re feeling creative – hop on over to The Pink Whisk to read the rules and drool over the fab Creme Egg lambs (they’re so uber cute!), and show some love for the 2 Little Fleas, who’s not just teamed up with The Pink Whisk for the giveaway, but will also be judging it.  😀


Finished product - Happy Easter!



11 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Ha!! All of the above is why the kitchen is not my friend and why husband always looks very worried when I casually mention that I might attempt to cook something. Well done you though, your cupcake looks very cute!

  2. Good luck! Hehe those John Lewis vouchers do sound lovely 😀 I also ended up with a blooming great big bowl of icing – I have left in in the kitchen with a note saying “please eat me!”

    • With your amazing cake I think you’re just about certain of getting some of those tempting JL vouchers. 😉 Looked superb!

      My icing making is clearly just like my pasta making… it’s only two of us, but when I make pasta I make enough to feed a small country. 😀

  3. great post, I love the lone Easter cupcake 🙂 he had to watch while your husband munched through his mates one by one over those two long days…. he looks pretty proud to have made it! 😀 Good luck with your entry, hope you get to go arts and crafts shopping xx

    • 😀 Oh yes, I’m sure the chosen cupcake was mighty proud – but the other half ate that one too! 😀 I got the cross (yuck – so sugary) and the flowers and the butterfly (again sugary, but went down a treat).

    • Hahahahahaha! Mine was rubbish compared to all others – so don’t mind not winning at all. 😀 And the other half was well impressed with the cupcakes he got. 😀

      But I do mind being snubbed on twitter… and both The Whisk and The Fleas did just that. Grrrr.

      And as the notification popped up, I was actually on your blog, as I was tempted in by the gorgeous Frozen cake.

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