Lucy’s dead. :(

No need to worry too much, Lucy was never a living being,,, Lucy was my TomTom.  Technically she’s still my TomTom, although she’s not doing much at the moment, apart from being dead.

Yesterday for the first time in 2 months I actually entered the world dressed as a human being.  I’m still not well.  On my third course of antibiotics (fingers crossed for this one), doped to high heaven (I think I might have fractured a couple of ribs, normally they should have healed by now, but I heal very, very slow), but the good news is that that carpal tunnell isn’t bugging me anymore.  😀  Sadly the same cannot be said for the arthritis – blooming weather.

Anyway, dressed in actual clothes, as I had to go to a meeting, on my way there… and then to turn on Lucy in the hope to get some guidance on where to go… and she does this:


Yup – that’s her turned on.  And she then refused to turn off.  So there I am, supposed to get us there safe and on time, and Lucy’s refusing to do anything apart from making me want to kill her… which would have been kind of pointless, as she’s as dead as dead can be already.

I’m not used to figuring out where to go without her guidance, I’m too dopey (don’t worry, I wasn’t the one driving!) to figure out what signs I should follow…  my side is hurting, and I’m all over rubbish thanks to the antibiotics (luckily it wasn’t a day I needed to constantly run to the loo)…  but my other half is clearly a genious… I’m there sinking into total depression, an he says:  “Oh for goodness sake – just use the satnav on my phone!”

He’s got a satnav on his phone!  How could I not have realised that?  It is one of those song and dance phone that can do anything and everything… but myself having a phone that’s not been working since Christmas (goodness knows that’s wrong with the fecker… even got it a new battery), and when it was working the most exciting thing it could do was to take grainy pictures.

Is this the end of satnavs?  If so, I will miss them… I liked dragging them out and pushing in where to go.  I liked the annoyance of having to wait until they had a sat to get in contact with.  I liked the annoyance of new roads having made and Lucy shows us as driving through a fields whilst calmly telling us to “turn around”.  I bet these phone satnavs just get updated by themselves.  😦

So, even though Lucy is dead, I will eventually get around to find our old satnav… One that’s been resting for 3 years somewhere, finally getting a chance to annoy me in the car again.  😀

Sweet dreams, Lucy.  You did us well for 3 years.


3 thoughts on “Lucy’s dead. :(

  1. Sorry to hear about Lucy. We had a similar issue with Sequoia (that was our Lucy at the time). We had forgotten her in the car at night in the middle of the desert and in the morning she was seemingly like Lucy, due to the cold. Fortunately we were able to revive her later on. What did the trick for us was better temp and using the factory reset button on her back (should be a small hole on the back that you need to push for like 30s with a needle).
    Good luck and have a nice day.

    • I got Lucy under a lamp… like a little baby-chick! Hahahahaha. In the hope that she decided to join us living, but it’s not looking good.

      Love that you named yours too. 😀 😀 😀

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