This and that, and a welcome. :)


Above is a pic taken of Ms Monkey-pie over the weekend… posted just beacuse she’s the coolest kitty ever.  😀

Although I think she might need to brush her tongue.  😀


Secondly – a big welcome to the world to my little grandson!  He decided to arrive yesterday, a few weeks early, so he’s still not allowed home quite yet:



And then a rant… there’s generally two postmen that delivers my mail.  One is what I refer to as “the surfer dude”.  He’s always got a smile, never in a rush, and generally seem to love his job.  He’s awesome.  My doggies love him too.

The second one I refer to as “that fucking bastard”.  Yup… as that’s what he is.  Last week there was a knock at the door, by them time I’d hobbled downstairs that fucking bastard was down the street, with my mail!  And my parcel!  No note left to say there was a parcel for me, nor did he bother to stick the rest of the letters through the mailslot.

Today that fucking bastard did bother to deliver the mail… but what he didn’t do was knock and get a signature, as one of the letters had been sent signed for (it was gift vouchers).  Of course I instantly sent off an e-mail to the company that had sent the vouchers and informed them that they had arrived, incase they wonder why they had never been signed for, and might have gone missing… but the thing is, I shouldn’t have had to do that!  The company had paid for a service, a service that the fucking bastard chose to ignore.


7 thoughts on “This and that, and a welcome. :)

  1. A big welcome to your grandson. Wishing him the best
    Funny pic of your kitty..As for the mail I feel your pain as i just have the “fucking bastard” model that prepare the notice before as he never intends to ring or deliver but still carry the package with him…

  2. That is a cool kitty for sure and what a great shot! Congrats on the arrival of your grandson hon! You are going to enjoy many hours of playtime for sure. 😀

    LOL @ the name for the nasty postman. Sure serves him right. He should not do that to you! Complain about him to the surfer dude. 😀

  3. Kitty doesn’t need to brush her tongue. What you see are the teeny hairs on a cat’s tongue, and it is those hairs that can determine what kind of food your cat eats. We all know that cat’s are finicky eaters, but it’s not them directly. They like stuff that not only smells and tastes good, but it has to feel good on their tongues, too.

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