I want to win a new shed…


I do have a shed, I got a very nice shed indeed.  I got the shed shown above, by my gorgeous feline girl (sweet dreams).  However, it is a work shed.  It’s filled with saws and tools and various sorts of crap I wouldn’t have a clue what it’s being used for.  It’s got a 3 meter counter running at the back, and there’s not a space on it for a fly to rest.  I have to say the shed looks prettier in summer (pic was taken in spring) when there’s flowers in the window boxes.

So, due to the shed being used for wood and stone work, and all the various tools that comes with that, we have for a few months been talking about getting a new shed, a new one for gardening tools.  One where we can store the rakes, the seeds, the leaf blower, the lawn mover, and all the various other stuff that we use in the garden.

But, as most things go, we still haven’t gotten around to it.  Lack of dosh means we would have built it ourselves (just like we did with the work-shed), but lack of time, enthusiasm and bodies that aren’t falling apart means we’ve still not started.


So imagine my joy when I spotted *drumroll, please* that there’s a shed up for grabs!!!  Oh, yes, please, I do want a shed!!!  But… and here’s the big but… most companies want you to praise their product to high heaven, and they’re also looking for a marvellous story of what you will do with your shed.  Hmmm… I don’t intend to make it into a something exciting at all.  I want to store my gardening shite in it.  And as for praising – it’s a butt ugly shed!!!


Yes – as you can see… it’s exceedingly ugly.  I shudder with the thought of something like that in my garden… but its got potential.  😀

A lick of paint, some fascias and window frames, stick on a door handle (no, doesn’t need to be functional – but it’s amazing what a simple handle can do to a door that’s lacking one), a welcome sign on the door, and a flower box under the windows – and suddenly you would have transformed a butt ugly shed into  a charming little hut for gardening tools to live.  😀


Well, no matter what – I still got my fingers crossed for a new shed… or B&Q vouchers!  😀

And if you want to enter – hop on over to Beast Sheds Blog for more details, or if you want to buy a shed, hop on over to Beast Sheds.  Comp open to Uk only, closes 30th of April.  Good luck!!!



I did not win the shed – it went to someone with thousands of twitter followers, who just happens to write gardening books.  😉

Not that I thought I should have won – someone wanted to use it for a BBQ shed – which I thought was a brilliant idea.  Sorry, got no idea who won the B&Q vouchers.

But – I got my shed anyway!  And as this post seems quite popular with google searches, I thought I’d update so you can see my new 7×8 foot shed that ended up costing me a measly £58 altogether!

New shed




21 thoughts on “I want to win a new shed…

    • I know – I love projects. 😀

      I’m fairly crafty when it comes to “prettifying” things, and got a knack for up-cycling. The windows on our shed is actually an old door that used to be in our house – we cut it in half, and suddenly we had charming little windows. 😀

  1. I love your idea for it! Did you submit your photo with your entry? I’ll bet that will do it! You’ll have to post a photo of the finished product after you win it and get it all settled in your garden! 🙂

      • Well, I am super impressed with your drawing and am pretty sure the judges will be too 😀 I just read a blurb in one of my sweepstakes newsletters about visualization and having that pic makes the visualization much easier.
        I LOVE the watch and the fact that you won it makes it even better! How great that you were able to personalize it! Did you come up with the “Wait for me” text as well? Your little girl is a beauty for sure! Love it!

      • Yes, I did the artwork (inc the text and numbers), and they put my artwork onto the watch I wanted… I’m hoping she will wait for me. 😀

        I absolutely love it, it’s one of those things that will be treasured forever. And when it one day breaks, I’ll frame it. 😀

    • *giggles*

      But, the one we built could have been just as butt ugly, but we knew from the get-go what sort of style we wanted… and it came out perfect. 😀

      Although I did want turfed roof. *sigh* But didn’t want to take the chance, as it becomes very heavy (although both me and the other half has been on the roof together at the moment)… and the fear of snow on top of that too in winter.

      And I figured the hugly duckling of a shed up for grabs can turn out a pretty swan too with the right vision. 😀

    • Oooooo – your mum’s Art Barn sounds fab! And I’m a little jealous… I’d love to have my very own Art Barn… but sadly there’s more need for a garden tool shed. At the moment the gardening stuff takes up a lot of room in the work-shed, making it hard for the other half to do his stuff. 😦

      I however will pull out my arts and crafts and scatter it all over the house… but my stuff don’t spread sawdust or grit everywhere. Hahahahaha.

  2. You made functional into functional AND beautiful, something I always try to do… 🙂 Well done!
    But i couldn’t see how adorable your kitty is… Just cute! 😀

      • 😀

        No grammar police here – I’d be the first one to be jailed. 😀

        I actually think I managed to type hugly further up, instead of ugly… what the heck is that supposed to mean? Huge + ugly = hugly? Hug & ugly = hugly?

        And thank you – she was absolutely scrumptious.

      • Hahahahaha, well that made me laugh. I am trying to read everything I want to since I’m behind with interesting posts, and comment on some – so I have to think in English fast and write fast, since I have to wash the dishes really badly. Like now. So, I am ruching my way through WP. 😉

      • I know how it feels, at the moment I’m not online much (other half is off for 2 weeks), and I’m missing out on everything in my reader. 😦

        But come April I should be back in full swing (myself I’m off until June)… so hopefully be able to catch up a wee bit then.

      • Yes, as I thought to myself yesterday; “So many interesting things to see and so little time” 😉 I am happy because I’m felling good and today is International Day Of Happiness 😀 So happy to you! Hahahahaha… I shared something on my blog, see if you want. 😀

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