Well here’s a slightly bizarre picture of Pot, when she was goofing around on the garden bench.

Not on on here too much at the moment – so hope everyone is alright – as other half has two weeks off.  I’m still falling to bits, with side still hurting (I take forever and a day to heal… just a little cut can stay for months), carpal tunnel still in place (but my kick-ass brace ordered online has arrived, so I can now use the fingers on that hand again!  Yay!), and tooth still bad.  Doped up on pain killers, and gone cold turkey on the pepsi max… now on forth day with no caffeine.


Posted for the One Word Photo Challenge:  Red – http://jennifernicholewells.com/2014/03/18/one-word-photo-challenge-red/


9 thoughts on “Hi!

    • I got my brace, side is clearly healing (albeit way slower than I was hoping for), new antibiotics coming, and with the warm weather my arthritis has basically gone on holiday. 😀

      My delicious mixture of pills is doing it’s trick… only downside is any intelligence that might have been there has flown out the door. Hahahahaha.

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