Costly dyslexia

Now, on the contrary to what you might think at times with my appaling spelling, I am not dyslexic… with me it’s purely lazyness… the head can spell, but the fingers seem to have a life of their own, and I can never be arse to re-read what I’ve written to check for mistakes.  🙂

However, my other half is dyslexic.  And it’s something he prefers to ignore.  I deal with any correspondance, whether it’s text messages or e-mail for him.  And I don’t mind… I know it’s a struggle for him.

However – he’s decided to take charge.  He can read and write, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a slow and agonising process, with him getting frustrated as he gets stuck on words.

To me reading and writing has always been a joy… I don’t read letter by letter, I generally don’t even read word by word, unless there’s a word that’s not common to me, I read sentence by sentence.  Of course I do happend upon a word now and then that my brain don’t instantly recognise by just glancing at it, and occasionally a word I don’t know, and then I’ll eagerly check it out via online dictionary, feeling like I’ve just been handed a nice treat (I love learning new words, and I still do, English is after all not my mother tongue).

But, spurred on with the other half wanting to improve his reading and writing, I took to google.  He used to have a pair of tinted reading glasses, but the’d gotten lost, so until he can get another eye test, I figured there might be something useful online.

First thing that greeted me was an ad to buy a font that supposedly makes it easier for dyslexics.  But you know what – some pretty cool person has made a similar font completely free!!!  So now I have installed OpenDyslexic as an add on onto other halfs Chrome browser (he normally uses FF, but now he has the option of using Chrome, where all websites will show with the special font).  Dosh saved!  Big thank you to OpenDyslexic.

Then I figured a game would do him well.  Might as well start re-learning the basics, as he was labelled “stupid” in school (and he’s as far from that as you can get), and never got the support he could have greatly benefitted from.  So, I search to see if there’s some games for kids that can help teach from scratch.  Yup – there is – for £100!  This actually made me really upset, as with all the car troubles this past month, there is no where in hell I’d be able to afford that… this month is a total no-go, and next month will be catch-up due to the expenses this month, which means I wouldn’t be able to get it until end of May.  *sigh*  So I check e-bay tosee if someone’s selling it second hand (it can be bought on disk), but no luck… and after many a click hopping from website to website, I finally find a similar game – for free!

Why the heck is this game not linked from all the places I visited regarding dyslexia?  It’s free!  It’s fun (if you’re 5… probably not so fun if you’re 50, but hey-ho)… and did I mention it’s free?  So – now the other half will have an extremely childish game to play… and I know he’s gonna love it.  If he one day can read a book himself without throwing it down in frustration after 3 pages, he’ll be just about the happiest man in the world…

And here it is – completely free – a game that will start with the very basiscs on learning how to read a write:  Teach your monster to read

So… maybe being dyslexic doesn’t have to be too costly afterall.  😀  Now all I need is to get his prescription for new glasses, and then I’ll order them online for a fraction of the price.  😀


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