Stock photo experiment

Today I got the last few e-mails in my stock photo experiment.  😀

It was fun as an experiment, but not something I would be interested in… however, after checking out 8 sites, if I were to put some time and effort into this, first choice would be Shutterstock… although I think it might be an issue with getting 7 out of 10 pics accepted… and then onto the second choice, which would have been Bigstock.  This is however based on how user friendly their pages are… I like things that are easy to understand and use.

I got no idea how many visitors they all get, nor did I bother with checking out percentage of sales, nor how much each pic sells for, I was just wanted to see how it worked, and what sort of images got accepted.  😀


You can read more about my experiment here – but here’s a quick breakdown:

  • 8 sites tried
  • 3 images (the same images) uploaded to all sites
  • 1 site none uploaded
  • 1 site only two uploaded
  • Pic A accepted on 3 sites
  • Pic B accepted on 5 sites
  • Pic C accepted on 3 sites

It was quite fun to do.  So if you got tons of decent pics, and don’t mind what they get used for, and you got plenty of time on your hands to upload them and filling their details in, it might be a thing to do on an evening when there’s nothing on telly.

I might have been a little harsh on my judgement on having pic C accepted.  I enlarged the image huge, and asked the other half if he could spot the colour differences in the background, and he couldn’t.  I can however, but then again I know it’s there.


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