Aaaaargh – blooming ear mites.

Well, my boy’s managed it yet again – catch earmites.

Considering how much he hates his drops with a passion, you’d think he’d learn not to fight with strange cats.  *sigh*

Luckily it was spotted early (only one ear), and all the other four legged ones are in the clear.  The good thing about it being the boy catching them, is that chances are the other’s won’t get it (as he prefers not to socialise with them).

He had it last year too, but before that he was in the clear when it came to ear mites for quite a few years.  Little bugger must have been scratching in secret, knowing the drops would come out… but I spotted it checking him over today.  As he’s not the most cuddly cat ever, I always take the chance once a week, at a point where he is feeling loving to give him a once over, feeling for lumps, and checking the ears.  Only thing he won’t ever let me check is his mouth, so I always to to get a good peek when he’s either biting or yawning.  😀

He’s had his first drops, and my hands got the bite marks to prove it.  In a couple of days time my hands will look like mince.  Hamburgers anyone?


Chilling out in the garden today… showing off his good ear.  😀  Not that his other ear is bad, but I spotted the tell-tale signs taking a peek inside.


6 thoughts on “Aaaaargh – blooming ear mites.

    • 😀

      You know those people who says “cat’s aren’t evil” – well – they’re full of bullocks! Hahahahaha!

      My boy is a scheming conniving little bugger, and I absolutely love him to bits. Maybe love him even more so due to his hatred for me. 😀

    • He’ll be just fine, he’s just determined to “get me” as I try to fix him. 😀
      Sorry to hear your boy’s got it too. It’s such a pest, and with 3 other’s my worst fear is that it will spread. As I caught it early, and it’s the loner that’s got it I might just be spared of using eardrops all over! Atleast the other’s don’t bite… just one one growling dog, one dog that will refuse to sit still and a kitty that will run a mile if she sees me with the drop bottle near her. 😀

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