A single drop of blood…

First thing that greeted me today was a single drop of blood on the kitchen floor.

Blood is always a worry… did I go on a killing spree in my sleep?  Unlikely.  Which means it will come from one of the fourlegged ones.  Not the dogs – as they’d been snoozing in bed with me, and was already running about like loons in the garden.

Which leaves the cats.  I charge upstairs (ok, a wee bit of a lie, more like hobbling as quick as I can) to check on the boy – he gives me a “fuck off” look.  It’s not his “fuck off and leave me alone as I’m not feeling well” look, it’s his “fuck off, I hate your guts” look.  No need to even check him, he’s clearly feeling just fine.  So, that leaves Ms Monkey-pie.  I go out the backgarden to call her – and the little madam comes flying off the neighbours shed roof – leaps over the fence and comes totting along without a worry in the world.

I’m now thinking it might be bird blood.  Maybe monkey-pie caught a bird, and one of the dogs then dragged it into the garden.  Realising all furlegged ones are fine I dig out cleaning stuff, as clearly some un-known blood is not what I want on my kitchen floor.

And as I get down on the floor I see seeds in the blood.  It was raspberry jam. *feels like a proper dick*  Other half must have had a slice of toast with jam at some point during the night.


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