The wrong shape…


Now I can’t cook (as in anything I cook ends up inedible), but baking is something I occasionally enjoy.

Today was probably not the best day for it, still floating about on painkillers, and my left hand is currently taped up into some unusable mannequin hand… however I wanted muffins.

Couldn’t find my usual recipe, so went online to find one that would suit what the cupboard stocked.  I decided on this one.

I used a large mug as measurement, and thus added 2 eggs, and two well topped spoons of baking powder.  And they came out the wrong shape!!!

Now it could possibly be that there’s nothing worng with this shape – but the muffins I normally make are giant mushroom shaped ones – blooming over the top.

The ones made today are very yummy, no question about it.  Slightly crispy on the outside, and light and fluffy on the inside.  Flavour is spot on (I added chocolate and banana)… but the wrong shape.  I ate a little of one (of course all the parts with the chocolate!), but I’m so annoyed they don’t look like the gorgeous mushrooms I normally bake it’s really putting me off.  Luckily the other half absolutely loves them… but even he says they look nothing like the ones I normally make (although this doesn’t seem to stop him from eating them).

This will irk me no end until I manage to make some that are the right shape again.  😦


8 thoughts on “The wrong shape…

    • I’ve gotten used to only using the fingers on one hand, but I generally rely on the palm of the other. Hahahaha! So it was a little odd. Got arthritis, so during winter there are many times I got useless fingers, but luckily if one hand is bad, the other is generally good.

      Looks like carpal tunnel. 😦 So that means 2 weeks with the had out of action. Will make a better support tomorrow, and then by a proper on when able to get to the shops.

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