I got the best watch in the world!


I have got the best watch in the world!  Forget Rolex or Omega, they don’t do much more than what mine does – show the time.  But mine’s got a picture of my feline angel on it!  Beat that!!!  And a little secret – you can get your image onto the style of watch you like!

ImageI won this watch from ZIZ iz TIME, I got to add my picture onto the watch strap that I liked… and of course I fell in love with th big chunky leather straps.  😀

Sent the pic via e-mail – and a couple of weeks later – today – this amazing watch arrived!  Made me so happy I got all teary-eyed.  I miss my little feline girl so much, and to be able to see her pretty little face each time I check the time is like a little bit of heaven on my wrist.

How awesome it that?  And… as I said – you can get any image onto any of their style of watches!  And they got a bunch of styles.  So – that’s your pic, of your dog, cat, child, boat, car… some nice landscape, flowers… onto any of the watches they sell!

There’s a small extra charge, between £5-£7 on top of the price of the watches they got online – but deliver is free.  😀  And that’s worldwide.  😀

DSC_0021I’m thinking this could save a lot of hassle come Christmas or birthday time.  😉

The option to add your own picture is not up on their website, but just get in touch (honestly – they’re nice as pie!), let them know which watch model you like, and that you want to add your own picture, and they’ll get right back to you.

I’m so chuffed with my watch!!!  I mean, really, really chuffed – this is even better than when a picture of my feline angel was shown on a billboard on Times Square.  😀

Miss you, babygirl.



5 thoughts on “I got the best watch in the world!

    • I love it so much! Just the type of watch I like (I canot wait until the leather gets a little worn)… and with my baby on. Doesn’t get any better than that. 😀 And when it eventually zonks out (they do come with warranty), I’ll frame it. 😀

    • I am so over the moon with it! Love it – love it – love it! 😀

      I just had to get a chunky strap one… will go nice with my chunky boots (I love chunky boots). There was a few that tempted me, but this one was the choice. I am however drooling over one of the white stap ones… you know… with summer coming and all. 😉

      Other half is very jealous. Hahahaha. (don’t feel too bad for him, he’s got a keyring with a pic of our angel on, and a tattoo of her on his shoulder)

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