Curious kitty


This challenge was a real challenge for me.  🙂  The subject was to be a picture taken in February.  Well, as I was incapable of moving throughout most of February, it wasn’t looking promising.

A few good snaps of a cat visiting in the garden – taken by the other half, not me.  😦  A few blurry snaps taken of the dogs in the front garden – taken by me, but I only took a few (as I wasn’t in any shape to be out there) and none were good…  So onto the pics I’d taken inside.  Ack – all grainy as I’m not keen on the flash.

However I took a series of pics as my boy was checking out this lamp.  I don’t know why he suddenly found it so interesting, had it for years, although I have just moved it from the hallway to the piano in the livingroom.  He was really curious about it – this was the first pic in the series – he then sat up, sniffed it, stood up, sniffed it, before trying to stick his face inside it.  🙂

Below is the original:


Edited using Paint Shop Pro X3

After cropping I whacked down the brightness and the contrast.

Then I used Topaz Clean on the background (so the wrinkles in the curtains don’t show that much!  Guess who doesn’t iron curtains after they’ve been in the wash?  🙂  ), and then added a little blur.


Posted for Sonel’s Photo-Editing Challenge:  February Choice –


8 thoughts on “Curious kitty

  1. What a stunning shot! I really love both of them. Great job on the editing and thanks for taking part and for sharing. 😀

    • Thank you. 🙂 I generally never made a pic this dark without any decent contrast (and here I took the contrast down, as oppose to up).

      I do love the plug-in Topaz Clean. Have you tried it? All my wrinkles disappear from all pics! 😀

      • It’s fun seeing what the different settings can do and I love Topaz. One of my favourite editing tools. They should have toolkits like that in real life as well, especially where the wrinkles are concerned..hahaha

      • PS: Can you imagine telling someone you used a Topaz effect to soften the wrinkles on your face in real life? LOL!

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