Once upon a time…

Iva’s asking what I recall as my best birthday… and why.  Truth to be told I can’t call any birthday the best, or the worst (Cristmas would have been easy – I got very fond memories of the best Christmas).  They just were.  I much prefer it now, being an adult, as opposed to being a child when I was forced into having birthday parties.  🙂

But – I found this again the other day:


So instead of writing about something that would be impossible for me to pick, I’ll show a pic of this bracelet.  I’d gotten to the stage where I got to chose what to do for my birthday, and I didn’t want any fuss, so had just a few girls over.  The girl that gave me this, was 12, and thus it means it was my 11th birthday.  🙂

It’s a small brass bracelet with a handpainted porcelain oval in it.  I loved it then, and I love it now.  What’s even better – it still fits!


Posted for Iva’s Awesome Birthday Challenge – http://ivymosquito.wordpress.com/2014/03/01/ivas-awesome-birthday-challenge-intro-and-also-day-1/


3 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. Thank you for the entry, it goes down in history 😉 And in short terms, it goes down in my evidence of bloggers who will be featured on Day 14 or 15 😀

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