It’s all good!

Well – with my tomcat taking the biggest, sloppiest, stinkiest dump the world’s ever seen – the boy’s back to normal.  I don’t think the house will ever completely get rid of the smell.  Hmmmm… wonder if I can mask it with something – a barrel full of chemical waste possibly – so I can sell the house and buy one without the lingering aroma of catshit.  Hmmmm.

Second good news – this morning I did not wake up with a bloody splinter sticking out of my heel as I did yesterday.  😀  (what the heck did I get up to in my sleep?)

Thirdly, I can move again without being in agony with the help of painkillers.  😀

And last but not least… *drumroll*  Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  I got a working microwave.  Yes, as in actually working, not just sitting there like a giant beast, mocking me on the kitchen counter.  Ok, so it’s not the best microwave in the world.  Truth to be told it’s a little shit.  Truth to be told, compared to my old one when it was working, it’s very shitty indeed.  It’s about a third of the weight, and a third of the size (is this what a normal microwave is like?), but it cost less than a tenth of what my old one did.  It looks tiny.  Lost in the corner on the counter where the big beast used to sit.

It works.  This makes it a million times better than my old microwave.  And, I got the one I wanted.  Not one with a billion buttons that looks like it could fly into space.  I got one with two knobs on.  My goldfish could figure out how to use it.  I love it.  I love that it works and I love that the first thing I did was to throw out the manual (what’s the point!).


What my new working microwave looks like.  Picture nabbed online for “educational purposes”.

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