My boy’s not well. :(

Last night I said to the other half, that the boy wasn’t feeling good.  Oh he behaved like normal, but his face was starting to get his “infection” look.  That’s the look when he’s eaten something he shouldn’t have, and needs an antibiotic shot at the vets, or if I spot an infected wound on him that needs treated (try at home first, by cleaning and using antibiotic cream, if that fails it’s a vet trip).

He wasn’t ill yet, but I suspected a wound somewhere, so checked him over.  Found nothing.

Other half fed him this morning, and he was fine, and I fed him this afternoon, and again he was fine, apart from starting to get “that” look.

This evening I thawed out shrimp for him, as if there’s something that can perk him up, it’s shrimp.  🙂  Called him and he didn’t come downstairs.  When there’s shrimp on offer, I make a sniffing sound, he knows the sound well, and if out he will come charging knowing it’s his special treat on offer.

He didn’t come downstairs.  Panic ensues.  I rush up the stairs as fast as I can, shrimp bowl still in hand.  He’s in his chair, with his hind backed up towards the backrest.

He refuses to move, and howls if I try to touch him.  I was certain it was his legs again..  Certain.  A few years ago he dislocated his spine from his pelvis, he was completely lame and spent a month in a cage.

Other half rushing into the loft to get the carrier.  We now got two options… if we can get him in the carrier we will take him to the emergency vet, if we cannot, the vet will have to come to the house.

Gently lift him as he howls in pain (and anger, for touching him when he clearly doesn’t want to) and place him in the carrier.  He stands.  He can stand!!!

We try to place him on the floor, and he himself walks ever so slowly the two steps into the carrier.  He hates the carrier.  He normally runs a mile as soon as he sees it.  Clearly a sign he wants the vet to fix him.

So – on the phone to the emergency vet.  After 10 minutes on the phone, me all frantic – the boy walks out of the carrier and bloody well leaves the room!!!

Anyway, on the vets suggestion, unless he get worse, hold off until tomorrow morning, and take him in during opening hours.

So – the boy is now confined to a room, with a littertray, food (inc shrimp – which he’s refusing to eat), water, a litterbox and blankets all over the floors, so he can get comfy where-ever he wants.

I’ll sleep in there with him tonight.  If he gets worse I can then call the vets during the night.  If he stays the same, he’ll be going to the vets in the morning.  If he improves – well then that will make me very happy indeed.  🙂

Emergency vet thinks he might have been in a fight or had a fall a few days ago, as sometimes cats will get worse after a few days when the body’s rested.  That might make sense, as I could see he wasn’t 100 percent last night.


Above pic taken once before when my boy had his “infection” face.  It’s so different from his normal look.  The face I saw last night wasn’t anywhere like this, but it had a hint of it.  This is how gorgeous and beautiful he normally looks like.


13 thoughts on “My boy’s not well. :(

    • 😦 But I think he might be ok. 😀

      Going upstairs to check on him again – the stench hit me on the first step – he’s had a VERY bad tummy. I mean – the amount (and only half in the litter tray. Oh, it was NASTY) and the stench!!!

      He’s still not eaten, but he’d jumped up on the bed, and his face is getting back to normal. 😀 If he looks like this in the morning, he’s spared a vet trip for now. Will keep an eye on him, and if he’s tummy’s not better in a day, it will still be a vet trip (antibiotic shot).

      • Hope he feels better. It’s tough watching them feel ill. He is very beautiful, by the way. You must love him very much. You should post a photo when he is feeling better 🙂

  1. What a handsome boy! (*Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs*)….so sorry he’s not feeling well. I will get the human to purray fur him! I was sick a couple of days ago….throwing up over and over….and the humans purrayed fur me (and spoiled me) and I’m back to normal and feeling frisky again!!


  2. He’s a gorgeous kitty! I’ll keep him in my thoughts. Nothing is worse than a sick/unwell furbaby! They can’t tell you what’s wrong, and you can’t tell them you’re trying to help. I really hope he improves overnight!

  3. Thank you all for the well-wishes for my boy! It certainly helped, as he’s back to normal (apart from a lingering smell of his “eruption”. Don’t know what else to call it. 😉 ).

    I last checked on him at 2am, and he was frisky enough from me not to undure the night in the stink-room. He ate all his shrimp and had a cuddle.

    This morning I was woken at 7:30 by him and his feline sister having a fight. *sigh* He then went outside, and just came back in. Fed him, but he blankly refused his food. That might either be his tummy’s not 100%, or it might just as well be that he will now refuse food as he know’s there’s shrimps in the house. 🙂

  4. Sorry to hear your cat isn’t feeling well. I’m sure things will turn around in no time. Cats are tough, self-reliant little bastards. We sometimes forget that because of our need to shower them with attention, but as everyone knows, they view us more like “friends with benefits.” The benefits being a regular food supply, a roof, and an assortment of warm locations where they can sleep for 23 of the 24 hours in a day.

    Last week I witnessed a case of “infected face” myself.

    But I’m okay now.

    Coincidentally, my cat Steve had a case of “infected face” at the same time. One of his eyes was fused shut and leaking that gunk cat owners are all familiar with.

    “Aww jeez, this is going to be expensive,” I thought. Oh, and “Pooooor Steevie!” Heh heh.

    I grabbed a paper towel though and firmly but gently wiped at his closed eye. It opened. No problems since then. So uh…I guess I’m pretty much a qualified Vetera….Vetri…Vetero….”Cat Doctor” now! If your cat ever needs a wipe, just call me. 🙂

    • He’s back to normal 0 and he was saved a vet trip this time. 🙂

      He’s what I call a “vet-cat”. He hates the vets, but generally end up there 3-4 times a year for an antibiotic shot (and that’s me with antibiotic cream for him at home). It’s normally absolute hell getting him into the carrier.

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