Framed in light


Interpreting it a little loosely, but here’s my gorgeous girl framed in sunlight


Posted for A Word A Week Photography Challenge:  Frame –


10 thoughts on “Framed in light

  1. Hey!

    I make sure to check out the page of whoever “likes” or replies to a comment of mine, and I’m glad I checked out this one.

    Are these all your photographs? If so, they’re really good! If not, they’re STILL really good, at least you have “the eye” to know a good photo when you see it.


    • 😀 I thought your reply there warranted a giant like. Can’t believe only one other person had liked it. Dicks.

      Yes – the pics are mine. And no… I’m not good at taking pics… but the whole monkeys and typewrites comes to mind – and I take a LOT of pictures – and generally one or two comes out good. 😀

      • Wow, thank you!

        It was funny, ’cause while that enormous comment of mine was “awaiting moderation,” she was approving a bunch of two-word, generic comments from a bunch of ladies who couldn’t be bothered to string a few thoughts together.

        Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

        But then you made me remember that the odd, exceptional “cathylass type” DOES exist.

        You’re just a rare breed.

        So, again — much appreciated.

        As for your photos, even if you took 10,000 for every one you posted, it’s still impressive that you’re able to whittle it down a…uh…big, useless tree into a purpose-built, gorgeous toothpick.

        (I’ve really got to work on my metaphors, huh? Ha ha!) 😛

  2. I like it! Whittled the big useless tree into a purpose-built toothpick. Like it a lot.

    I couldn’t even be bothered to read the other comments there, scanned through a few and they were all the same shite. Yours stood out. I liked what I read.

    Women can be such arses. If they were comfortable in the bodies there got, then they wouldn’t have a problem with Barbies. Or porn. I’m the opposite. Something must have gone wrong in my brain, I think I look gorgeous at all times. Hahahahaha. Which is far from the truth as other’s see it – but if I walk past a mirror, even on the worst of days – I instantly think “Oh my goodness – I’m gorgeous”.

    • See, that’s the healthy attitude to have!

      A woman at work? She kind of wears her insecurities on her sleeve. She’s quiet a lot of the time and keeps to herself, yet she’s troubled when others don’t respect her authority.

      You know how they say to “dress for the job you want”? Well, part of that is physically dressing the part – you’ve got to look sharp. The other half? It’s ACTING it. I told her this:

      “Look, if you want respect, you don’t necessarily need to ‘talk to the talk,’ but ANYBODY can ‘walk the walk.’ Shoulders back, chest out – and look at EVERYONE in the elevator with a face that says, ‘I’m polite, but…I’m also a hell of a lot better than you, and we both know it.’ Make them believe that with a look alone and the rest of the pieces will fall into place.”

      Success in anything means hard work…but they always forget to mention the part that’s for show.

      Glad to see we both have a healthy bit of arrogance. (Or, if you prefer the more ‘PC’ term – “Confidence.”)

      • Hahahahaha – exactly! And if they pretend for long enough – they WILL get the confidence they are acting.

        There’s a booze ad that used to show here in the UK (don’t know if it’s showing anywhere else in the world), and I often give that as an example to “mousy” (both male and female) people. The guy does’t have it… but he sure does act like he does – and that makes him have “it”!

        But no… some women will moan about Barbie having bigger boobs than them, and some guys think they cannot live up to David Beckham or whomever it is guys compare themselves to. *sigh*

        I’m lucky, I’ve never cared about what other’s think of me, and never compared my self to anyone else. I didn’t have parents that told me I was pretty, nor dolled myself up with makeup to get boys attention. I just kind of looked in the mirror one day and thought “that’s not bad – I can dig it”… and thus, just by thinking I’m fucking gorgeous, I suddenly look a million times better in the eyes of everyone else. 😀

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