The wonders of a sheet of paper


I still get amazed what single white piece of paper can do – here illustrated with a tiny owl, made by yours truly.  I’m not one for picking flowers, but sometimes I bring an A4 sheet of paper with me into the garden, just to stick behind flowers as I’m snapping pics of them.

Below is the journey of this pic, editing it in PSP took less than a couple of minutes.

As you can see – the light was rubbish as I was taking the picture, as I did it specific for this post, and the sun was just about setting, and the natural light was barely there.  I would have prefered to have taken it in full natural light.

With the image still in colour I used +25 brightness and +33 contrast, but I felt it could do with a wee bit more of a boost after making it black and white, so did +11 brightness and +42 contrast when turned monochrome.


Posted for Cee’s Black and White Challenge:  Man-made objects –


4 thoughts on “The wonders of a sheet of paper

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  2. What a great tip! I’ve heard of using foam board as a background, so I don’t know why I never thought about using regular old printer paper. Looks flawless!

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