A blog header…

I quite liked the simplicity of my new blog, without a header.  I was well chuffed actually on how streamlined it was… until I visited a blog with the same theme as mine and it didn’t have a header.  It looked dreadful.

So – realising my blog looked dreadful, I’ve now added a header.


The good and the bad – the good thing is that it’s from a pic I love, of a kitty I love.  The bad – when clicking on my blog name in the Reader – this is what shows:


“Crap I blog” in HUGE letters, with “General shite and specific shite” neatly written underneath.  Niiiiiiice.  Where’s my pretty kitten?

But… there’s always a silver lining – I’m sure this will deter anyone that might be slightly upset by my less than polished language.  😀


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