Bumblebee in February

Yes – that’s what I found today when going out to feed the fish.  A bumblebee.  In February.

The poor thing was laying upside down on the step, slowly waving her legs in the air.

Panic ensues.  Where the fuck do I put a freezing and knackered bumblebee?  I won’t leave her there – the dogs or cats are bound to eat her.  I can’t stick her inside – the dogs or cats are bound to eat her.

The shed.  Surely the shed is the solution.  There’s a small gap between the roof and walls (to make sure it’s cool in summer) – if she heats up a wee bit she can fly out and make her nest or whatever it is young queens do.

So bumblebee moved into the shed.  Panic ensues – what is she supposed to eat?  There’s no flowers!  Quick google (sugarwater, same as butterflies) – sugarwater made.  Rushing into the shed with sugarwater.  Bumblebee has now managed to roll over onto her back again, and I had to flip her back over.

So I leave her there in the shed, a little warmer than outside, sugarwater by her side, and easy escape if she gathers her strenght to continue on her journey.

I will NOT get attached to a half-dead bee outside my door.  I will NOT.




I’ve named her Dorothea.



Pic above is not of Dotty, but thought the post needed a wee bit of colour, so used this pic taken summer 2011

9 thoughts on “Bumblebee in February

    • Thank you, but all glory goes to the camera… and it’s a wonder it’s as good of a shot as it is. 😀

      I do have a decent camera, albeit without any snazzy lenses, and it’s fairly old now, but I’m blessed with a Nikon D3000. The pic of the bumblebee however was taken with my wee pocket camera, a Samsung PL210, which cost me about £70 a few years ago (it was on sale… but can probably be bought much cheaper now).

      • The important in the photographer is his/her ‘œil photographique’ 🙂 I was reading your presentation and I fin you have a very fun life with all your furkids and chocolats 🙂 Me I adore the whjite chocolat 😉 and I have thre cats and three dogs 🙂 you could see them in my differents galleries:)

    • 😀 I’m hoping she’ll be ok (will check on her in the morning)… as I know it’s a queen. Probably a young one in search of a place to make a nest and just not finding enough food to get the energy to get to where she wants to go.

  1. Dotty’s gone. Now she could just have crawled along somewhere and is hidden amongst the tools… but in my mind she’s gathered her strenght and flown off to start of her own little kingdom.

  2. What a beautiful bee and you’ve captured it so well! I love that you rescued her and I am sure she is out there with all her bee friends. 😀

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