The stuff I do for love…

As I’ve been moaning about…  I’m currently in agony… and the other half had the nerve to ask if I’d do him a card!

Really – you want me to log out all my paint and various other stuff, lay on the floor (I only craft/paint on the floor) and do you a card?  Sure – why not stub out a few cigarettes on me while you’re at it.  *sigh*

Anywy, turned out it was for a giveaway, so I gave in knowing how much he loves to play slots (and you could win credits for Jackpotjoy)… but no way was I gonna drag out my proper paint.

Instead I got my watercolour paint.  I hate watercolour.  Hate it with a passion.  I hate not having control, and watercolour is as far from controlled as you can get it.  I know how to use it, I’ve been trained in the techniques, and still I hate it.

So… the result was me sitting on the sofa, dog on the lap, and a wee watercolour pad on top of the dog.  It was a quick card, no build up of colours.  And I kind of secretly enjoyed it.  I was as comfy as I can currently get, propped up in a corset, and filled up on painkillers, and it was a mindless little thing to do… but it was something I could do.  And that made me well chuffed.  So what if it’s just a naff card – I did for a few minutes have a purpose… as I can barely get up and down the stairs at the moment I was over the moon actually having accomplished something… even if it was something as trivial as a monkey card.  🙂Image


7 thoughts on “The stuff I do for love…

  1. I LOVE watercolors, but when I use them the results resemble more the art of a third grade student, this looks amazing! The top of the hat sticking out is so cute!

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