Is the five second rule still applicable?

Yuck… I know the answer to the question – it’s NO.

If food’s been covered with cat-arse germs, then who really cares if it’s one sec or five secs?

Today I managed to make myself lunch (wow… talk about accomplishment).  Pain in the chest has now gone from just hurting when I cough, to hurting each time I dare move.  Fun.

Anyway, I’d managed to cut a roll and butter it.  Dragged my beated body into the livingroom to blow my nose, and eventually managed to get back into the kitchen to add my cheese on my roll – only to find my wee monkey-pie licking my roll.

Niiiiice.  Cat tongue, the same tongue that I see her licking her arse with several times a day – going like a little machine all over my roll.

Now don’t think for a second think the wee tinker was hungry, she’s always got a supply of dry food out, she gets wet food several times a day, and she had less than 10 minutes before had chicken!  She’s just a little lard-lover, and adores to steal a bit of human food if she can.  Although you’d never believe it seeing her, tiny little elven-creature she is.

Anyway, I stood in dispair – do I eat cat-arse germs?  Or can I be arsed to make a new roll?  Normally this isn’t much of a question – it would be a new roll.  But the thought of cutting and buttering a new roll was just too much…  you might as well have asked me to climb Mount Everest.

I ate the cat-arse germ filled roll.

Considering the state I’m currently in, you never know – cat-arse germs might do me the world of good.


Pic above:  The wee butter-licker


One thought on “Is the five second rule still applicable?

  1. I know that feeling too well – the coughing and feeling yucky – not the cat licking..hahahah and I am sure cat-arse-germs fixed you up real fast. Great shot of the adorable butter licker. 😀

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