Princess Zoloft


Not to be confused with Princess Zelda.  ;)

Little update on the health… been to the hospital, more blood drawn (these test apperantly take 4-6 weeks for results!), another ECG done, and I’m on a list to get one of those heart monitors to wear for a few days…

However, not back in the hospital for three months!!!  And I refuse to feel this shitty until then… so you take action.  And what is action?  Zoloft!

I went to the docs, first thing I said was “I want drugs!”.  Hahahaha.  Armed with printouts of what could help for the fatigue (I can deal with crazy heart, the pain, migranes, wonky eyes, wanting to puke, and being out of breath if I could just get a little bit of energy).  I had decided on either trying Prozac, Paxil or Zoloft… with Prozac being my first choice after comparing the side effects (which are all similar, but Prozac seem a little better than the others).

Doc however advised that Prozac is “old-fashioned”, and Paxil is very hard to come off of, which left Zoloft.

So, first tablet yesterday… 5 hours later I was “tipsy” (or, if you’ve ever tried “Bubble Gum” weed, just like that).  Everything was blooming hilarious.

Again, did a wee bit of a search, and it should hopefully adjust in 4-5 days at the max.  I don’t mind being happy, but getting the giggles from anything and everything is a little over the top.  :)

Anyway, this morning, instead of just sitting there like a vegetable for 2 hours before I muster up enough energy to do the dishes or something, I felt pretty “normal” after just 10 minutes of getting up.  Stairs don’t seem like Mount Everest, although I still sound like a beached whale getting to the top.

Will let you know how it goes… so far, if the “everything’s hilarious” goes away, I’m giving it a thumbs up.  :D


Pic taken on the way down to the sea… hundreds of these beautiful caterpillars everywhere!

And so the plane took off…

Saturday my other half’s mother passed on.

But in reality his mother had already been gone for quite a while… she had Alzheimers, and there’s been a few stages, which is where the plane comes in.


Nearly  decade ago it started, with confusion… days were gone, then weeks, months, and years… but his mother was still his mother now and then, and this is when I think of the airport.

She’d gone to start on her destination.  Entered the airport and bought a ticket.  As her plane wasn’t leaving for a while, she would now and then exit the airport, and everyone she knew, was still someone she knew and loved.

But then she passed passport control.  You can’t come back after passport control.  It would still be years before she headed for the departure lounge.  She could be seen though the glass wall, but her world was miles apart from everyone elses.

She’d entered the past.  She was young, in-love with her handsome young husband, who was working out at sea, and she had a couple of young children.  Her biggest worry during these years was that she wanted to find some part time work to help with the household expense.

Her grown up children not recognised, as behind passport control, three of them hadn’t even been born yet, let alone being adults with children and grandchildren themselves.  Their mother gone, instead they were left with a young lady, in an elderly lady’s body.

And so the years passed, with her slowly heading towards the departure lounge.

She reached the lounge last year.  The mother long gone, and now the young lady gone too.

And a week ago she’d checked in.  Doctors said a week.  A week it was.

Saturday she finally walked through the departure gates and boarded the plane.  I hope her husband and her second eldest child was there waiting for her in first class.


Safe journey, Ana.  I’m sorry you were stuck in the airport for so long… but I’m glad you found a safe haven, decades in the past.  It’s hard for us all stuck here outside the airport, as although you left us a long time ago, we’re still grieving.

Summer Sea


Days out during the summer… that’s what I love:)

Pic taken on Friday… weather was glorious, so we decided to take a few hours by the sea.  It was absolutely wonderful, although I suffered for it yesterday (health still crap, now supposed to get one of those heart monitors to wear for a few days).

Sweet dreams…

But if the below really was my bedroom… would I actually be able to sleep, or just marvel at it’s beauty?  :)

Good to be home

The above is my entry to My Dream Bedroom… and isn’t it simply a dream?  And here’s what it’s made up of:

  • The view!!!  Well, this is priceless… and if anyone finds one without a price tag, please get in touch.  ;)
  • A white room… any old white paint will do.  The great thing about “brilliant white” is that you never have to search for a matching colour if you run out – just pop by a local shop, or even a large supermarket and they’ll have tins of it cheap as chips!
  • The bed… (and I have to admit, this was the closest thing I could find to what I got.  I love my bed.  It’s the bed I always wanted, and I got it 7 years ago.  Gone through a few matresses, but the bed’s still going strong.) a bargain at £199 for a kingsize!
  • A chandelier… (and again – I got one in my bedroom!  No-where near as fancy as this one… just a simple lightbulb, with cream cast iron and a few glass drops) coming in at £168.  So gorgeous though… but unless you actually got the bedroom shown above, it might be a little much… but how ace would it be in a dining room?  Ooooooo.
  • A large free standing mirror… so stunning it makes my heart ache.  And the price isn’t too bad either, at £175 including delivery.
  • A beautiful chest of drawers… ah – imagine having furniture without worrying about pets ruining it!!!  But for those that doesn’t have norty four-legged ones, this could be yours for £270.
  • A fancy suitcase for throws at the end of the bed… yes, this truly is a fantasy bedroom – as the suitcase is worth more than our car!  Hahahahaha.  But if you got £1182 to spare this baby can be in your bedroom.
  • I simply love the rustic looking bedside table for £177, and so handy to stick glasses (and I mean those for the eyes) into at night… I’ve lost count on how many my eldest dog’s chewed up.
  • And in my fantasy, my dogs won’t be taking up the whole bed – instead they’ll snooze in their very own dog bed!  This is of course never gonna happened… even if the bedroom materialised, chances are it would be me having to sleep in the dog bed, as there would be more room there than in the proper bed (I can’t understand how the dogs can take up so much space – they’re JRs!  Somehow they become the size of St Bernard as soon as they jump into bed).  Best sit down for the prices though… starting at £543!  And goodness knows what sort of shipping would come on top of that.
  • A beautiful cherry blossom wreath, which was at sale for £6, but sadly sold out… but that just gives an excellent excuse to make my own!
  • And how fab is the bedside table lamp?  Really loving the rustic look of it, and it can be all yours for £80.
  • The simple pink cushions are perfect, not just for the bedroom, but scattered on the sofa too… and a bargain at £7.99.
  • And talking of cushions, the fab knitted neutral coloured cushions are on sale for £10!
  • And just incase it gets a little chilly, a pink throw is added to the suitcase, and again this can be snapped up on sale for £20.60.
  • And last, but not least, an uber-cute milk churn vase for some fresh flowers, the one shown is for sale at £35, but they also have larger ones, and glass ones.

No curtains!  I’d want to see the sky going to sleep, and waking up.  No rugs, as I love the clean and fresh  look of the room with just the white floor… although I think I would invest in some fluffy slippers!

And of course, being my dream bedroom, the house would be big enough to have a seperate room for wardrobes.  :D


Posted for the awesome competition hosted over at Heart Home, and sponsored by Anglian Home.  Closes on the 25th of August – so still plenty of time to enter – and it’s loads of fun too.  :D

Best fecking award ever!

Well, I’m hereby giving myself the best fecking award ever:


This way – there’s really no need for anyone else to give me one.  :D

See – it’s got everything I could ever want in an award… it’s got:

  • Gold!!!
  • Trophy!!!
  • Laurel wreath!!!
  • Five stars!!!
  • Ribbons & banner!!!
  • A number 1!!!


I think it’s really sweet that people want to give me awards – thank you!  But these so-called blog awards are simply too much work.  I stopped doing chain letters many, many years ago (although I did always like the ones where you sent a bar of chocolate to the person on top of the list… I had chocolate from all over the world… yum!), and that’s exactly what they seem like to me.  :)

Now, if anyone wants to give me a proper award, like the Nobel Peace Prize, I’d be happy to accept.  ;)

Baby pics!

Babies, although not sitting still, actually stayed in one area for a few minutes – so here’s baby pics!!!

Sorry, all pics straight from the camera.  :)

Had just taken down some old curtains that Pie had ruined, and both her and her kiddies had loads of fun play about in them.